#CreatorRewind: Dancers who rocked the internet in 2023 with their trending choreography

Smrithi Mohan
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It's never a dull day here at Instagram's own dance club, thanks to all these incredibly talented dancers who made our 2023 amazing!

What does it take for Indians to just break into a dance? Not much. Instagram has not just been the hub for people to share their everyday endeavors or fits but also a place that has caused many to give dancing a try. It was all about trending dance Reels where people started getting obsessed over that one video, re-creating it until everyone got bored and found a new trend to hop on to. We saw choreographers get their spotlight and also end up featuring along with actors and fellow content creators. Although it is the wedding season now, these dancers have been preparing us for sangeet all year long. From praising the pind to gotilo-ing all the way, these dancers in 2023 gave everyone their own Dance India Dance moments.

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Check out this list of dancers we loved in 2023

Shehzaan Khan

Sanket Panchal

Alexander Noel

Abhi Badarshahi

The Vixens Crew

Sonal Devraj

Nicole Concessao

The Panvelkars


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