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The Editor of Social Ketchup Mrinil Mathur Rajwani spoke to content creator Dipraj Jadhav about creating offbeat content and redefining the norms of content creation and entertaining people.

In this digital age, social media has become a powerful platform for creativity and self-expression. While mainstream influencers and popular trends dominate the online landscape, there is a hidden treasure trove of offbeat creators who are pushing the envelope, redefining norms, and also entertaining people. Dipraj Jadhav stands out as one of these offbeat creators who with their content, have gone beyond the feed to ensure that content creation has no boundary. The internet is filled with video edits that make us laugh, but Dipraj started making meme mashup edits back in the day when mashups weren’t a genre or mainstream. He should be guilty of spoiling our favorite songs and scenes and making them memes so much so, that we can no longer remember the original song or scene anymore. Dipraj takes us through his journey of crafting each meme edit and how he began his journey.

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Here's what he had to share during his interview; 

How did you start your journey as a content creator?

I began my journey with video editing. Editing videos was always my passion, and I had a keen interest in playing around with them, experimenting, and imitating different styles. It all started with me just messing around with editing apps, and later I gained a more in-depth understanding of the process.

What inspired you to create mashup funny videos and sync videos in particular?

Trending memes and funny Bollywood videos inspired me to create mashups and humorous content.

Could you walk us through your creative process while editing a video?

The editing process involves selecting, arranging, and manipulating video clips, audio, and effects to create a coherent and engaging final video. This includes cutting and trimming clips, adjusting audio levels, and adding transitions, effects, and text overlays. The goal is to craft a compelling narrative or convey a message effectively within the desired timeframe. 

How do you decide which content to mash up and sync together? Are there specific themes or ideas that you gravitate towards?

The process is simple; I always aim to target the trending topics around.

What tools and software do you use to create your videos? Any specific techniques you find particularly effective for syncing videos?

I mainly use Premiere Pro for my editing. The technique to achieve its peak is through constant practice.

Are there any challenges you face when choosing content to mash up? How do you overcome them?

There’s always a challenge to excel with the trends due to a lot of competition. Now, I strive to keep it simple and within my capabilities.

Humor can be subjective. How do you strike a balance to ensure your videos resonate with a wide audience?

Humor indeed varies from person to person. To strike a balance and resonate with a broader audience, I aim for universal themes and relatable situations. I avoid overly niche references and focus on humor that doesn’t offend or exclude anyone. This way, more people can find something to connect with in my videos, making them enjoyable for a wide range of viewers.

Copyright can be a concern when using existing content. How do you navigate copyright issues and ensure your videos comply with fair use


Some of the tips to avoid getting copyright issues are

• Create original content

• Use royalty-free material

• Purchase licenses

• Give proper credit

• Understand fair use

• Utilize transformative use

Creating mashup videos can be complex. What are some of the most challenging aspects of your content creation process? How do you overcome technical or creative challenges when they arise?

It’s important to remember that not everyone will appreciate the same content, but keeping things simple can make it more accessible. Technical challenges can be addressed with the right knowledge of techniques.

Do you have a favorite mashup video you’ve created? What makes it stand out to you?

The DJ Snake mashup video will always be close to my heart due to the way it went viral. DJ Snake also appreciated me in my DMs, and later we met at a concert.

 What are your plans as a content creator? Do you have any new ideas or projects you’re excited to explore?

I’ve always wanted to edit movies and series. I’ve had an opportunity to edit a series before, and I still hope to get the opportunity to edit big Bollywood movies and series in the future.

Here's wishing Dipraj a very happy birthday! May your dynamic meme edits continue to make waves of laughter and memorable moments!

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