7 doctors on social media helping us make better health decisions

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Educational content about health on social media has helped change the way we understand and manage our well-being. Let's take a look at some doctors who are making it all possible.

Imagine how tough it would be to track our health if all the information wasn't just a click away. You'd have to make an appointment, wait for ages, and then try to understand all the medical jargon during a rushed visit with your doctor. Access to the internet has made it all easier and now, thanks to doctors on social media it's even better. In a country like India, where medical health can be expensive, people can use every ounce of information from credible sources. Medical professionals on social media break down complex health information into simple, engaging content that’s easy to understand. It’s not just about the ease of getting information, though. Social media has encouraged us to discuss taboo topics openly, helping to reduce stigma and making people feel less hesitant to seek help when they need it. They discuss common health issues, and preventive care, and even debunk medical myths, making it easier for us to stay informed and manage our health proactively. Plus, their content helps raise awareness about various conditions, symptoms, and treatments, making us all a bit more health-conscious and informed. But we often think, do these doctors get thanked enough for all the good work they do? It's National Doctor’s Day and here are some of many doctors who should be thanked for their good work. 

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Here are the doctors who are deepening our health awareness with every post!

Dr. Manan Vora

Dr. Yokesh Arul

Dr. Ashish Markan 

Dr. Vishakha

Dr. Yuvraj Jadeja 

Dr. Agni Kumar Bose 

Dr. Vidhya R Nair

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