Dolly Singh's recent post talks about dealing with weight loss and the recurring insecurities

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"If you could do something today, try to be someone's safespace," says Dolly Singh in her latest post while being open about her rocky relationship with weight, judgments, and more.

I’m sure all of us, no matter the gender, have been on the receiving end of the judgment that comes with weight. You could be healthy, skinny, tall, or short, and you would be criticized for being anything but the ideal type. Individuals and their physical aspects become prey to body shaming on social media considering how it's a space where people can share their opinions openly. As Clare Pooley famously said, 'In a world where you can be anything, be kind', it is important for a generation subjected to giving and receiving hate online to practice kindness. That's exactly what creators like Dolly Singh are doing through their content by creating awareness and a space of acceptance, love, and growth for their followers.

When we talk about body shaming, one usually assumes it to be around fat people, when people with different body types that don't fit the box face the same. Dolly recently shared a heartfelt post where she highlighted being a skinny girl and struggling with weight loss. Her thoughts represented the voice of every individual who experiences the impact of body shaming on social media. She said, “Being on the naturally skinny side of the spectrum, I tend to lose weight easily (when I don't want to) and it's hard to put it back on.” While expressing having accepted the way her body decides to change or as she describes it 'shapeshift', she emphasizes the need to find a safe space that one can be around. Dolly laid it down by recalling the time she decided against meeting someone for fear of hearing them comment on her weight. As disheartening as it may sound, we all remember being in her shoes. 

Her willingness to share her journey on social media with her followers was accepted in the most heartwarming way. Users who follow and love her shared having found the post empathetic enough that they could relate to her struggles. A user wrote, I relate so much esp with the second slide. I have also avoided meeting people who I feel will comment on my appearance. I recently also had a conversation at home about being mindful around commenting on mine and anyone’s appearance.” While another user rightly commented about the importance of being kind and accepting. They wrote, “What a powerful message! It's so important to prioritize kindness and acceptance over judgment. Thanks for spreading positivity and reminding us all to be each other's safe space!”

Amid all the negativity that overpowers acceptance, Dolly Singh through her thoughts helped us remember the existence of kindness on social media. She concluded her post by highlighting how it takes very little for people to be someone that people can be comfortable around them. Ultimately it is just about understanding a person's struggles and standing by them without judging but by lending a shoulder they can lean on. She finishes her post by writing, "If you could do something today, try to be someone's safety," and isn't it the only thing we all need?

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Take a look in detail at what Dolly Singh had to say in her post about her journey:

Content creators such as Dolly Singh are making a positive impact on social media, whether by sharing their thoughts effectively or on the journey of overcoming challenges. This is why our love for content creators continues to remain ignited over various periods.

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