Beyond Bunnies: Content creators' take on celebrating Easter Sunday.

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It is a time to celebrate, spread love, and enjoy connecting with friends and family. Here’s everything these creators had to say about their Easter Sunday celebration.

Easter is a joyous, blessed, and significant Christian holiday celebrated worldwide, holding profound meaning for believers and non-believers alike. Rooted in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter marks a time of renewal, hope, and spiritual rebirth. For Christians, it symbolizes the triumph of life over death, showcasing the promise of salvation and eternal life through Christ's sacrifice and resurrection. Beyond its religious significance, Easter and its meaning have evolved into a cultural phenomenon, featuring various traditions such as egg hunts, elaborate feasts, vibrant parades, and so on. These customs serve as joyful reminders of new beginnings, unity, and the beauty of springtime. Easter transcends religious boundaries and fosters a sense of community as people from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate love, forgiveness, and the spirit of renewal.  After a conversation with a few creators, it's evident that Easter acts as a source of inspiration, evoking the power of hope in their creative endeavours. As they celebrate the festival, we asked Yechan C Lee, Justin D'cruz, Drew Hicks, Nathan Gomes, and Ashville Simoens about bringing in Easter and its significance to them.

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According to Korean digital creator Yechan C. Lee the thing that makes Easter so special to him is its reminder to spread love. He said, '"Easter mereliye khaas maayne rakhta hai, isliye nahi kyuki church mai events aur functions hote hai, vo sab toh theek hai, lekin mereliye khaas maayne rakhta hai because it's a reminder, that the God I believe in, Esa Masih (Jesus Christ) is a living God, aur vo 2 important cheeze sikhake gaya vo hai Loving God and Loving your neighbors, and the love that he teaches us, is not a feeling an emotion or a thing, but its a verb- it's sharing, it's giving, it's caring. so I love you guys, aap log jo mera videos dekhte hai, I try to share laughter and things that are dear to me the values and life lessons that I learn. That is the reason why I love celebrating easter".  Artist and creator Justin D'cruz also added, "The most important part of easter is the resurrection of Jesus, which actually brings faith and hope for me personally and I guess to everyone too."

As it means different things to different people, the celebration also differs. For some, it is a time to get closer to God and practice his teachings while for others it is also the time to be around the ones they love. For American content creator Drew Hicks, it is a springtime celebration celebrating a new year and new life. He said, "For me I will be celebrating it with the family on the beach side, hanging out, that’s how I prefer to celebrate most things'. It's not different for comedian Nathan Gomes who would also be with his family. He added, ‘It is usually lunch with the family, spending time with the cousins, going out with a few friends in the evening and Grabbing a few drinks/meal’.

Although Ashville joked about being happy that Lent comes to an end since it's not like he enjoyed it before when they would eat kanji with pickles or the compulsory 7 o-clock rosary that their grandmom made the go-to, he is excited about the festival. Ashville and Nathan can't help but look forward to all the incredible food they will devour. Ashville said, 'Well, you know how it is in a normal Catholic household, celebrating with sorpotel, vindaloo, and some amazing sannas,' he said. Nathan added "The best thing about celebrating easter, is the FOOD. If you know, nothing beats an amazing easter lunch or a Christmas lunch, it is truly one of the best things about easter."

The best bits about any festival are the memories we associate it with. As an adult, these festivals become our time capsule to relive them. It's the same for our creators who found the time to recall some fond times about Easter as a child. Ashville recalled the Easter eve dances that don't happen today. He added, "On Easter, my best memory was with my dad, he used to take us easter egg hunting, there is this place, Birdy's by Taj from where he would get us the eggs, for me and my sister. It used to be a fun time, he would hide these 10 eggs around, 5 for each and we would go searching for them because each egg would contain quite a lot of money, it was exciting that way, so if I would get 6 eggs my sister would find 4, you know as it says  'Finders keepers, Losers weepers." Nathan on the other hand rather goes back to a unique childhood memory. He shares "I like to go back to the year 2007 as a child I grew up watching wrestling and during the ending March-April there was this thing called Wrestle Mania it is a wrestling event, so one of my favorite memories with easter would be waking up on Easter Sunday, switching on the television, and watch wrestle mania with my cousins and family accompanied by a good breakfast, yeah, that's like a core memory which I am fond of." Meanwhile, Justin said, "My favorite memory of easter is getting to eat easter eggs! because I am a sweet tooth kind of a guy and I love love LOVE sweets." 

Happy Easter everyone!

Do you have any memories of easter? or important things to share like these creators about easter? tell us in the comments below.

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