New to content creation? These 9 editing apps will make all the difference!

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If you're a relatively new content creator, it can be hard to navigate through it all! A lot of what you see on social media platforms is achieved with the help of editing apps like these!

Being a creator comes with the need to be handful enough and manage the content that would be shared with their audience. It’s almost always a one-man job from curating ideas to executing and sharing it on their socials. While one can get in easily, it’s staying and turning ideas into posts that’s hard. It's a fascinating world until you realize the kind of effort that goes into creating a single post. As someone who wants to be part of it, watching someone’s mini vlog with jump cuts and cool transitions that align properly makes you wonder about the 'hows' of it.

Even though it looks like it, people don’t always use complicated software that works on laptops for those edits. You'd be surprised to know that these edits can be done on a phone too. That’s why, as an answer to any newbie wondering ‘Where can I edit my posts?’ we've made a list of a few apps that might make your life simpler. From apps that are AI-generated to ones with ready templates, these apps will be a boost to your content creation journey. 

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Hope this list of apps helps you in your creator journey:


A website that allows you to schedule posts across social media platforms, HubSpot is perfect for creators who have a lot on their hands. One can manage their posts also allowing one to search for keywords and understand the kind of content that works for your audience.

Content creation apps: HubSpot Social inbox example 


Not everyone is well versed with Adobe Premiere Pro or FC to edit their videos. InShot is a simpler app that allows one to edit videos and make them engaging for their audience. It's hassle-free and allows one to bring their artistic selves on-screen.

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If you are looking for apps that will allow you to creatively edit pictures then PicsArt is the right platform. With innovative templates, easy tools with additional video editing option, it makes for the perfect app for content creators.

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A platform that is user-generated where people share high-definition pictures that they use for free. One can also find GIFs and stickers that can add an extra oomph to your content. 

Work at Unsplash


A website that allows you to create and turn your Instagram stories and posts into something more enticing, InStories is something every influencer and content creator should be aware of.

Mosaic templates. Instories app | Instagram story, Random acts of kindness,  Templates


One of the most commonly used apps/websites, Canva has a range of templates and post options that one can choose from. It’s easy to add your own ideas with ease and is a great place to start.

Canva - Wikipedia


An app that allows individuals to edit their pictures with its presets, Snapseed makes it accessible for people to edit their pictures on the go on their phones.

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Another app that allows you to create stunning Instagram stories and posts allowing people to customize the same according to the theme of your feed. It also lets you stand out in your creative way.

Unfold | Antwerp


Allowing one to create impactful, high-quality videos through these different editing tools, Bitebable is an easy and simple option to edit videos if you are a fresher. 

Which of these will you be trying out first? Tell us in the comments below!

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