Expressive & Climate beauty: Mastering the art to be responsibly expressive

Smrithi Mohan
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expressive and climate beauty

Samhita and Sanya Puri, fashion and beauty content creators give us a deep understanding of what expressive and climate beauty mean and matter. Check out what they had to say

‘Tarrif karu kya usski jisne tumhe banaya!’ The thing about beauty is that you can always find a way to appreciate it. It took a long time for most of us to realize that beauty is not always perfect and flawless and that one can also achieve it through makeup. Makeup is an art that is a transformative experience, literally! Having the skill to carve out a nonexistent jawline and making one’s skin look absolutely flawless is something that should not go unnoticed. A field that was largely associated with women over the years, we have seen a considerable amount of change in this industry. Beauty means a lot of things to many. For Samhita, it is all about freedom, a way of self-expression. “When I am doing my makeup I literally do not think about anything else. It really takes my mind off everything and I feel free while I'm doing it.” It’s not very different for Sanya Puri who took up makeup to hide her imperfections. It soon turned from a tool to hide flaws to a therapeutic process that has now become her passion. “I’ve understood that it’s something I don’t need to cover my imperfections but I need it to embrace my beauty!” Every new trend that we witness in the beauty industry seems like a superfluity effort to make it seem interesting, but one who truly appreciates the art can vouch for how incredibly beautiful it is. We have seen people whip out their makeup wands and create looks that hardly seem like makeup. Trends like minimal, no-makeup makeup, dewy, clean girl/boy have always been trends that tested people’s makeup skills. No matter how it has changed over the years, one thing that everyone can agree on in unison is its power to be expressive. That is exactly why the term ‘expressive beauty’ has caught up. 

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What is your idea of expressive beauty?

For Samhita, expressive beauty is basically inner beauty as a unique transformational force that presents all living beings capable of fueling our artful self-expression. And, yeah, it's not about your outer appearance. It's really about how you are on the inside. Sanya believes that it’s all about expressing your true self in terms of your skin and body. “It’s about self-acceptance. My way of self-expression via makeup isn’t really achieving perfect skin or masking my features. It’s actually about embracing my beauty and who I really am.”


What is climate beauty?

Climate change is a real issue. Everyone has their own way of contributing to the way it is getting worse, and bigger corporations hold their due share in it too, the beauty industry is no exception. Plastic waste, microbeads, animal cruelty, deforestation, and child labor are a list of the beauty industry’s contributions to creating waste and causing climate change. Climate beauty aims to control the effect that the industry has on the environment and try its best to reduce it.

As beauty influencers, Sayani and Samhita are well aware of the impact that the industry has on the environment. Being in a position of privilege where they can be educated about the same and yet continue to be a part of it, expressing themselves is important to them. Talking about how essential it is for industries to try and be conscious of the environment, Sayani said, “As we know that we are on the verge of an environmental crisis, these small steps of initiation can do wonders. I feel that newer and smaller brands are paying much more attention to this than the bigger brands even though their budgets are nowhere near them!”. They are aware and appreciative of the efforts that certain brands are making to be mindful of the climate. Adopting reusable packaging, animal cruelty-free methods, and more, there is a lot that some brands are taking up.

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