#CreatorRewind: Runways to the screen, these fashion influencers turned heads this year!

Smrithi Mohan
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fashion influencers of 2023

Fashion ke jungle mein these fashion influencers of 2023 have ruled, slayed and been the best fashion boards for everyone looking for inspiration.

It will soon be 2024, and if you wake up one day to the realisation that you need to change your style, let us tell you that we've all been there! As a blessing from the fashion gods, especially for the ones who hardly follow the crazy world of designer fashion, influencers are a boon. Who would have thought that corsets would look just as flattering on a curvy body, men can layer up jewellery without feeling weird about it or what true street style looks like and that it's completely okay for one to be a girlie girl who loves pink, if it was not for influencers? These influencers have become every human's catalogue for when they want to find inspiration to get that fit right. From wanting to revamp their regular office fit to wanting to wear something bewt at that family function, these influencers have had our backs in 2023!

Check out who made it to our list!

Ishita Mangal

Sakshi Sindwani


Komal Pandey



Danny Mehta

Monalisha Mahapatra

Kush Sachdev

Viraj Desai

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fashion influencers fashion influencers of 2023