Fatherhood and Content Creation: A conversation on managing full time content creation along with being a father

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fatherhood and content creation

From diapers to content Aditya Vashisht and Sankalp Rastogi talk about their creative journey of managing content creation while being fathers. 

What’s mostly seen as solely a mother’s responsibility, parenting a child is a full-time job that also goes well into overtime every single day. Thankfully, fathers today see this for what it is - a shared responsibility that we now call co-parenting. With full-time careers and the responsibility of providing for their families, in the past, men weren’t able to give enough time to their children. But Aditya Vashisht and Sankalp Rastogi are making it a point to break the norm and show up for their children while also managing a full-time career. We spoke to them about the challenges they face while doing both to their best capacity, how they manage their time, and how the audience reacts to their content involving their children.

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Here’s what they had to say!

Have you faced challenges balancing your role as a father and your career in content creation?

Content creation requires a lot of time. From thinking about ideas for your content to editing, as a father, Aditya feels the need to be careful about how much time he can spend on something as it’s now more important to give time to the baby as well. “Your life starts revolving more around the baby, you sleep, eat, and work as per the baby’s schedule.” Sankalp, on the other hand, hasn’t found it challenging since his page isn’t that big. “My source of income is still work that I do outside the gram. Since I am a freelance writer, actor, comedian, and VO artist, I feel my videos, not just the ones I record with my baby but even otherwise, are decent only because I record them for fun and not with the POV of getting money on the table.” Yes, sometimes the pressure to post more and faster does come up because work gets hectic at times. “But then when I’m jobless, I have these videos to brighten my day and something to look forward to.”

Have you noticed any differences in your audience engagement or feedback when you discuss fatherhood compared to other topics?

Avinash’s audience watches him as a dad mostly. “We talk about fatherhood in a comic way which makes them laugh and engage as parents. So yes it’s better most of the time.” Sankalp’s Instagram page has seen a spike only after his metro rides with his baby. “I stay away from topics that make people pensive. That’s a professional’s job, in my opinion. Yes, a lot of people tell me to make more videos with my baby and that’s something I love. The response has been phenomenal on those videos and we’re not complaining and roaring to take the third metro ride soon.”

How do you think your experiences as a father have influenced your creative process or content style?

As a father, Avinash realized why his parents used to do what they did. “It opens up lots of scenarios where you can enact how life changes after a baby. Also whatever content I make is around an audience who loves to see me as a dad and we love it.” Sankalp was never about including foul language as fun anyway. “But now the sentiment has even gotten stronger. I make it a point to make the language universally consumed by all. It could cater to adults but I don’t include foul language.”

How has your perspective on life and work changed since becoming a father?

Avinash was a very carefree and lazy guy, less worried about the future or financial management. “Running away from problems was my specialty. But ever since we had a baby, all of that has changed for good. I’m much more responsible and organized.” He believes that he’s found a greater purpose in fatherhood. “All the luxuries in the world cannot match the happiness your child’s smile gives you.” A few things seem to have changed for Sankalp. He’s more sensitive to movies where there’s dark humor involving kids.

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