Funcho live their dream to jam with Falguni Pathak as they collaborate to host a Garba night

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Funcho partnered with Falguni Pathak for the second time to host an epic Garba night as content creators and people joined the fun.

Digital creators really do know how to make the most of celebrations. Lucky for us, India is never short of festivals which gives content creators more reason to bring out their exultant selves to life. People all around us are in the mood to let loose making the most of the nine days of raas that the city has to offer. Indian creator duo Dhruv and Shyam aka Funcho are giving people what they want with their second collab with Navratri queen Falguni Pathak. Are you really enjoying the nine nights of Navratri if you're not attending Garba nights, dressing up in the most gaudy outfits you can find, sweating it out with strangers, and not skipping a beat? Funcho knows that people are looking for their own Ram Leela or Nandini Sameer moment on the dance floor and they hope to give it to them.

The creator duo had hosted an event by collaborating with Falguni Pathak before, inviting their fellow creators to dance it out with their fans on Falguni’s popular and loved Garba hits. Funcho are fans of the festival themselves and it seems to be something that everyone looks forward to all year long. One of their earliest memories of Navratri involved having to juggle between exams and the urge to dance. “I recall that our exams often coincided with Navratri, and my mom had this rule: if you could finish a certain number of chapters, only then you be allowed to go and participate in the Garba festivities. It turned into a friendly competition against the clock.”

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Even today the excitement and that rush of adrenaline they get to experience at the end of every dance adds to making Navratri so special. And Falguni Pathak plays a major role in how they celebrate being part of a circle of people getting in sync and matching steps. Falguni Pathak is a phenomenon that always manages to grab an entire crowd's attention with just her presence. Getting the chance to collaborate with her was a dream come through for the duo. We've been grooving to Falguni Ma'am's Garba songs since our childhood. Her 'PARI HU MAI' is simply phenomenal! The day we learned that we had an opportunity to collaborate with her, it was like a dream come true. She's truly the queen, and having a chance to work with the queen herself, it's just incredible!”

The thing Funcho could remember about their first interaction with her was being awestruck by her presence.We were standing beside her, and all we could do was gaze at her while she sang our favorite songs, which was quite amusing.” The duo mustered the courage to show her a few of their Garba videos and tell her how they were such big fans of her work. “Surprisingly, she got excited about the concepts we had in mind for shooting with her. It was hilarious, and I can still vividly recall her saying, "TUM BOHOT FUNNY HO." Nothing could have made us happier.” They shared their idea of attending her event one day, inviting all their fellow creators, which had Falguni excited.

Considering how much joy Garba nights bring them, they hope and expect everyone who attends their event to go home happy while they enjoy it to the fullest.

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