We asked these creators what they imagined the future of Social media to look like and here's what they had to say

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From interactive strategies to advanced AI, creators Omkar Bolke and Saurav Haldar envision the future of social media.

The social media landscape has undergone a massive transformation in the past decade. Platforms have been constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of users and creators. What started as social media being used to communicate, access basic knowledge, interact, and build an audience is now a space where we can do all that and more in advanced ways.

Over the years, countless social media sites have upgraded with new features and looking ahead into the future, the possibilities for social media development seem endless. As we enter a new decade on the internet, we hope for a future in social media that embraces change which both users and content creators can benefit from, allowing them to stand out on all social platforms. 

Content creators on social media today are leading the charge in this evolution by igniting change, driving influence, and encouraging social media’s evolution. They're pushing boundaries and envisioning the future of social media. On account of World Social Media Day we asked creators Omkar Bolke and Saurav Haldar how they imagine the future of social media, and here's what they had to say.

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Here's what they had to share:

Omkar Bolke, "Being a content creator in this industry for so long, I’ve seen AI playing a huge part in shaping the future of social media. It helps us understand the trends better, as well as with the editing and ideation. While losing authenticity could be one of the main concerns, I believe AI can be useful to enhance creativity and efficiency. It totally depends on how we make the most of these tools. If used properly they can be used as a support to our genuine voices. We need to stay mindful and prioritize real connections with our audience." 

Saurav Haldar, "I think the future of social media will have more advanced technology, including AI, but authenticity will always matter. People connect with real stories and emotions. AI might help with some tasks, but it can’t replace the genuine human experience we share online. As creators, we need to focus on being true to ourselves and our communities. Our unique perspectives and voices are what make us stand out, and that’s something AI can’t replicate."  

Happy Social Media Day everyone!

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