In conversation with Geisha Designs about collaborating with content creator Niki Mehra for her Cannes debut outfit

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Content creator Niki Mehra’s blazer look at the Cannes Film Festival 2024 has been the talk of the town and Geisha Designs shared their thoughts behind it.

It was another year of global audiences watching well-known faces celebrating art, culture and cinema in France. Every year we are introduced to films, storytellers and celebrities who play their part in creating an impact through their entertainment medium and like the past few years, Indian content creators were also a part of this global phenomenon in their own way. Each creator who represented India managed to leave an indelible mark and fashion content creator Niki Mehra Madan was among the few creators who made a striking debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Known for her impressive and eye-catching experiments with fashion, Niki Mehra Madan stands out with the designs she chooses to wear, giving her audience exactly what they expect. Her Cannes debut was no different as she wore an astounding piece by Geisha Designs. The label by Paras and Shalini is known for re-creating traditional Indian silhouettes with a distinctive old-world romantic look. The duo collaborated with Niki for her debut look and there was a lot that went into bringing the look to life. From sitting down on the idea, taking inputs, sketching it out to finally seeing the look at Cannes, they certainly had a lot to share about the process along with the experience of Cannes itself.

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We wanted to understand the process of making this outfit and while talking to the duo from Geisha Designs, here’s what they had to share!

What was it like to design an outfit for a global event like Cannes?

Designing an outfit for Cannes is an exhilarating experience. Cannes celebrates films and the movie industry, bringing together new releases and red-carpet looks that highlight creativity, beauty, and fashion. It's a trend-setting event where creative people converge, and their styles are amplified through magazines, glossies, and social media. As an annual fashion calendar event, it offers a fantastic opportunity for any fashion brand. We thoroughly enjoyed planning the outfit with Niki. She meticulously planned the ensemble and had a clear vision, which made the process exciting. 

Can you talk about Niki Mehra and the outfit you chose for her?

Niki approached us for a bespoke service for this project. We've had several successful collaborations with her over the years and it's always a delight to work with her. This project was particularly exciting and challenging. The illustration was commissioned by an AI designer in Kosovo and we had to interpret it in our own way. The outfit is a dress jacket with a yin-yang feel due to the black-and-white contrast. It emphasizes structure, a departure from the usual fluidity in our regular collections. The red tie, brooch button, and minaudière add a lovely contrast. The bold shoulders, cutaway midriff, and high slit create a beautiful, elegant, and smart jacket dress, making it a must-have for celebs on red carpet-occasions.

Why do you think this design was perfect for her Cannes walk?

The design contrasts with the volume many celebs tend to favor. Given that it was her debut at Cannes, a sharp, well-cut, fitted outfit stands out against the full-length volume gowns. Niki always has a unique vision for her outings, and it was her vision that guided this project. Through multiple fittings, we aimed to align the look as closely as possible with the illustration while ensuring the proportions worked for her. It's avant-garde yet not over the top.

Which elements did you want to focus on throughout the look?

Well-defined broad shoulders against a slim waistline! The outfit is sexy yet sensual, tailored like a jacket or shirt but with whimsical scissor-sharp edges, pointed collars, and cuffs. The brooch and tie cleverly hold it all together. It's not too revealing but revels in its glory, making it perfect for the Cannes red carpet.

What were your favorite outfits from the Cannes carpet this year?

We enjoyed quite a few diverse looks like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a black two-piece with silver fringes, Hunter Schafer’s shiny blue-silver Armani Privé outfit, Meryl Streep’s white suit with a striped button-down shirt and a draped off-white gown. Both of Meryl Streep's outfits looked effortlessly stylish and classy, providing a striking contrast to her contemporaries. 

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