Content Creators put a budget-friendly spin on Gigi Hadid's Met Gala look with Maybelline

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Gigi Hadid's Met Gala look

Discover how content creators are putting their unique twist on Gigi Hadid's iconic Met Gala look using the best sellers from the lineup of Maybelline. 

One of the biggest events in fashion - The Met Gala took center stage last week drawing the attention of fashion enthusiasts from every corner. Celebrities brought their A-game, with jaw-dropping looks on the theme “the Garden of Time” that set social media abuzz. One standout was Gigi Hadid, stealing the show in a stunning retro floral white tiered dress. But what is even more exciting is the fact that she rocked a full face of affordable makeup from Maybelline. Taking inspiration from Gigi's glam, makeup enthusiasts and content creators are now putting their own spin on her iconic look. With Maybelline's must-haves by their side, they're recreating the look by giving it their own unique flair. It's a thrill to see how everyone's adding their personal touch to the look. 

Adding to the excitement, Maybelline India, in partnership with Nykaa, has launched an enticing giveaway challenge. Participants stand a chance to win essential Met Gala products from Maybelline's lineup.

Gigi's Met Gala look was not just about fashion and makeup, but about making style accessible to everyone. By choosing affordable products, she's shown that you don't need a hefty price tag to slay the red carpet. It's a refreshing reminder that beauty is for everyone, regardless of budget. As the Met Gala looks are still being discussed, it's clear that the influence of the event extends far beyond the red carpet.

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As Gigi's Met Gala looks continue to reverberate, let's take a look at how content creators are recreating it on social media:

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