10 songs that would make for the perfect BGS for your Gudi Padwa Reels

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Gudi Padwa reels songs

If you haven't warned your cousins about the bunch of Reels you are prepared to make this Gudi Padwa then do it by sharing this list of Gudi Padwa songs for Reels.

If you think about it, other than a reason to embrace our traditions, festivals have also become a medium for people to bring out their inner 'desi core'. This is when your phone storage isn’t proportional to the number of pictures and videos you plan on taking. It's also a time when you want the world to know about all the fun you have while celebrating your traditions. But celebrations today are incomplete without proof of said celebrations, no? After all, Reels have become a part of our love language and we enjoy making them especially if we have our loved ones around. Jumping on trends is exciting but it's the part where you spend hours practicing and getting everyone in sync with the trend that's even more exhilarating. With Gudi Padwa here, it's a given that you'll attempt a new Reel trend or start one of your own. But for any Reel to be postable, you need a good background score and we have you covered on that front. This playlist seems perfect for your Gudi Padwa celebrations. From GRWM to outfit transitions, this list will get you into the festive mood!

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Check them out!

Radha Hi Bawari

Gulaabi Sadi

Gomu Sangtina by Nihar Shembekar and Maithiky Apte

Bhaipan Bhari Deva title track

Ved Tujha

Man Udhan Varyache

Mann Suddha Tujha

Chand Tu Nabhatla

Olya Sanjveli

Aika Dajiba

Happy Gudi Padwa!

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gudi padwa reel songs for gudi padwa