Creators join the post-election wave with their creative inputs on social media

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creators hilarious reactions to voting

Here's how these creators took a spin on the election day awareness and post-voting experiences.

Yesterday, the people of the state of Maharashtra exercised their civic duty and reaffirmed their democratic principles. With aspirations and the satisfaction of having fulfilled their responsibilities, Election Day 2024 ended as people look forward to the results and what it will bring for the future. Citizens flocked to various polling stations to cast their votes and a shared sense of purpose. As the day progressed, social media platforms also saw voters sharing their experiences, and their inked fingers encouraging others to go practice their right to vote. But the story didn't end when the polls closed. People were flooded with creative posts sharing the process, and experiences of being at the polling booth into hilarious reels. From standing in queues, first-time voters, rants on the voting, and more these reels by creators captured the essence of Voting Day in the most delightful ways. Even as the anticipation of knowing the results continue, we have listed some very creative videos that you cannot miss.

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Take a look at the hilarious takes these creators had to share from the voting day yesterday:

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