Digital creator Richa Shahi shows us how to ace taking the perfect Holi picture!

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Richa Shahi's series #Holiwithricha is a dedicated behind-the-scenes process that will help you take that perfect aesthetic Holi picture. 

With Holi around the corner, we all want to look good for our Instagram pictures, Reels and videos but you’re wondering how to take that perfect shot, how to recreate that particular shot you saw online and you just cannot get it right? Especially those aesthetic ones that always seem like something straight out of a movie. Meet Richa Shahi, a content influencer located in Delhi/Uttarakhand who with her latest series #Holiwithricha is giving people ways to live their filmy lives online.

Richa is on a mission to give people a look into everything that goes on while creating the beautiful aesthetic pictures that we all love so much. Known for content revolving entirely around self-portraits and mobile videography, she shares a detailed BTS reel to help her followers with how one can take self-portraits easily. Shahi just put out a new Holi edition series #Holiwithricha which is a creative series on how to take the perfect Holi shots. A video that gives people a rundown on how each shot is created, or finding the lighting, props, equipment, and more she compresses everything into a 30-second Reel. One also gets to see how each picture turned out in the end encouraging people to go back and watch more of what she shares. So in case you’re looking for ways to slay your Holi photos this season, here’s a perfect guide.

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Check out the looks she has been creating with this series:

Hope these tips help you. And if you know of creators sharing Holi inspo videos, do mention them in the comments below.

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