Elevate your Gudi Padwa celebration with these outfits tried and tested by influencers

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From sarees that still manage to remain the staple custom outfit to upcycling basics and old outfits, check out these influencer outfit recommendations for Gudi Padwa.

Gudi Padwa (Hindu New Year) is considered an auspicious time in the Hindu culture. It marks the advent of a new time according to the Hindu calendar. Celebrated predominantly in Maharashtra, this festival signifies the onset of spring, symbolizing growth, prosperity, and new beginnings. Families come together to decorate their homes with colorful rangolis, hoist Gudi flags, and indulge in festive delicacies. But, we have also come to learn that Gudi Padwa is not only about the rituals. It is also about the elixir of a runway waiting to happen. 

Fashion is just an important aspect of the festive seasons, because don’t we love dressing up in one of our best fits? It's the rush of waking up on these mornings dressed up and heading out to spend time with friends and family. And we all find a way to stand out while working with what we have. From repurposing skirts to using traditional sarees to modernizing celebrations by adding just the right amount of 'Western' to them, we have learned it from influencers over the years. So what's got the fashion fairies talking about this Gudi Padwa? We take a peek at the outfits suggested by our fashion influencers which is a mix of vibrant sarees with a twist, bold hues, and more you can't miss. 

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Check out these trendy elegant outfits inspired by influencers that you can try out this Gudi Padwa:

Priyanka Bharwani's 3 outfits that look good for any festive celebration

These 3 looks are for 3 different festivities but we’re sure you can try them out for this Gudi Padwa too. Priyanka Bharwani gives us outfits that are a good mix of modern/traditional, these looks are a guaranteed feel of elegance and beauty.

Aniket Shah's Flirt Fits

Are you a fan of creative and DIY fashion as well? Then you should check out this freelance fashion and celebrity stylist Aniket Shah as he shows us exactly how you can use DIY/repurposed fashion and look perfect for this Gudi padwa by adding just one statement piece.

Unnati and Mansi Ugale's traditional and bright sarees 

This video is for all those vintage outfit lovers who often prefer a saree over every outfit for festivals. This video by Unnati Malharkar and Mansi Ugale is just the perfect compilation of the traditional old sarees matched with the new pastel bright sarees for you to style this festive day.

Mrunmayee Kadam's ethnic elegance 

This look is for anyone who does not like to overdress and stand out. Pairing with a flared skirt and a simple ethnic top is a chic outfit suggestion that you can try out for this gudi padwa. While Mrunmayee repurposed an old top, You can pair any ethnic top you would like and create an amazing look for your Gudi padwa celebration.

Here is some inspiration that you can take for your gudi padwa outfits. Go try them out today! Happy Gudi Padwa everyone!

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