5 Instagram Story features that might change the way you interact with your audience

Smrithi Mohan
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Instagram story features

Meta has revealed a bunch of features recently that focus on benefiting the creator community and their latest Instagram story features are rather interesting!

Reaching out to one's audience and finding ways to engage via their own content is always the end goal for content creators. And as important as storytelling is, creators also need to fully utilise the features that a social media platform has to offer. Over the years, Instagram has come up with features that are now considered as a major factor to help the creator community grow. That's exactly why it's essential to understand these new features that Instagram has to offer and the ways in which it can help a creator's growth. The Meta-owned platform is not just about Posts and Reels, Stories also play an important role in promoting content so every follower gets an idea of what they have to offer.

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Here's how to use the latest Instagram Story features in your content creation journey!

'Notify' sticker

This sticker allows creators to post more engaging stories by letting their followers sign up and get direct notifications every time they publish new content. Even the followers have the option to choose the form of content they want to be notified about whether it's a Post, Reel, Live or a Story.

Reveal sticker

This sticker allows creators to maintain secrecy and build intrigue. The only way to see the content on using this feature is if the followers send a DM answering the question mentioned on it.

Two phone screens showing the Reveal sticker.


With the Cutouts sticker, one can create a unique sticker of themselves and add more character to their Story. Any part of a video or photo can be made into a custom sticker that can be added to your Story or Reel. 

Two phone screens showing the Cutouts sticker.

'Add Yours' Music sticker

This allows you to share music that fits your mood while also allowing your followers to share what suits them. This feature might be a great way to connect with your audience.

A phone screen showing the Add Yours Music sticker.

Frames sticker

Whether you want to shine a spotlight on memories with friends or throwback to a special moment, the Frames sticker turns any photo into an instant print. To reveal the content inside, your followers will have to shake their phones to develop the image.

Two phone screens showing the Frames sticker.

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