Here's how Jeet and Shreya, a newlywed couple from Jaipur raised funds for their honeymoon trip to Bali

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Discover how Jeet Ajmera and Shreya Jain, a couple from Jaipur came up with creative ways to turn their honeymoon dreams into reality.

When it comes to stories that make us think, social media never disappoints! Take, for instance, the recent escapade of a newlywed duo from Jaipur who cleverly tackled the post-wedding budget blues to fund their dreamy Bali honeymoon. Jeet Ajmera and Shreya Jain decided to turn their honeymoon into a whimsical adventure. Starting with a unique fundraising idea, the couple sent pitches and executed their honeymoon, creating an adventure they can always look back and smile. At first, they wanted their wedding sponsored but when things didn't go as planned they came up with a new idea. 

Social media is going crazy over the idea. we wanted to know more about the couple’s side of the story. We had the chance to converse with the couple and learn more about their almost-free honeymoon trip!

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A lot of planning went into their trip and the couple shared the same with us. Keep reading to know more: 

How and when did the idea of trying to get your wedding/honeymoon sponsored? 

In December 2019, we first crossed paths, and after four eventful years, we tied the knot in December 2023. Our journey was a slow dance, filled with highs and lows, but our unwavering belief in each other always guided us through. As two content-first personalities with backgrounds in marketing, we even pondered the idea of having our wedding sponsored, although that didn't come to fruition.

Then came the honeymoon, and we wanted to do something extraordinary. The idea struck us out of the blue one day as we were casually chatting. Before we knew it, we were crafting a pitch deck to approach brands for sponsorship. No convincing was necessary—it was just another instance where our crazy ideas perfectly aligned.

How did you decide to go about it? What was the process like?

Our journey began with a flurry of emails to various brands, and crafting and sending out these pitches consumed nearly two months of our time. Yet, despite the effort, we found joy in the process. There was an undeniable thrill in persuading brands to come on board, and we held onto a gut feeling that it would all fall into place eventually.

Did you imagine it to work when you reach out to brands? What were you expecting it to go like?

We were simply two adventurous souls diving headfirst into something wild. Our conviction stemmed from the belief that somewhere out there, someone would find our idea as cool as we did. So, we persisted in pitching our hearts out.

Would you recommend people to try something like this for their wedding? What should they keep in mind?

Absolutely, besides the obvious perk of saving money, the whole journey of turning a crazy idea into reality is incredibly enjoyable.

It's essential to remember that there are plenty of equally adventurous people out there who are willing to go the extra mile to make your dreams a reality. Everyone loves to be part of an intriguing story, whether they're brands or marketers. Provide them with that captivating narrative, and you'll find them eager to jump on board eventually. It's all about creating that irresistible allure!

This one is clearly for the books! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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