Bringing reel-life to real-life: Khushal and Sakshi's unforgettable collab videos!

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sakshi/kushal collab videos

Comedy content creators, Khushal and Sakshi have given us reel characters that we love and their collaboration videos from the past few months have left us in splits. From old-school romance to parental love, here is a series of their collab videos that left us wanting more.

Often while glancing at the content our favorite creators make, we end up loving the characters that they bring to life, maybe because these hilarious characters make you laugh till your stomach hurts or simply because of the way they carry themselves. Sometimes it's also because these serious and calm characters leave an impact on us and leave us wishing that these characters were a part of our real lives. It’s these personas that we end up falling in love with. 

Two hilarious comedy content creators, Khushal and Sakshi have given us loveable characters in the past and with each reel they leave us thinking, “I wish my parents were more like these characters, I wish this character was my friend” and so on. Their Mom/Dad series is such a wholesome collaboration of the portrayal of parental love. To us, it may always look like our parents are bickering and arguing all the time but our parents have their way of showing that affection and love to each other and this series captures that well. Their series in general are what ‘old-school’ 90s love looked like! 

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Here are some collab videos of theirs we've loved so far!

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