Komal Pandey opens up about choosing cosmetic modifications and dealing with body issues

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“I'm not advocating altering your appearance to find confidence, nor did I get fillers because I didn't feel beautiful.” Komal Pandey shares her journey about her body issues while addressing rumors of having had cosmetic surgery.

Content creators have a following of every age group and this is why influencers who talk about body positivity, mental health, sexual pleasure, choosing sustainable living and more topics like these have managed to get their thoughts across to a larger audience. Being a public personality comes with its pros but also comes with an added need to be strong to deal with the cons. Being a content creator also means leaving the door open for people to reach out to you and share their two cents via the comments section and DMs. In turn, creators also hold the power to alter their audience’s thinking to stand for themselves. 

It was not long ago when Ariana Grande’s changing body caught the internet’s attention, with many making assumptions about her suffering from an eating disorder and her not taking care of herself, only for the singer to share her side and mention how a healthy body can be different for everyone and the one she had before was a result of antidepressants with a poor diet. Internet's favorite Uorfi Javed also casually mentioned having gotten fillers when she showed up without hiding her bruises. People were quick to share their thoughts on that, too.

Komal Pandey has faced criticism in the past for the kind of content she creates. She muddled through very negative comments that she received for her bold and vogue fashion choices. But it was not just her fashion that fell prey to moral policing online; it was her body too. From having smaller breasts to having her lips done, the audience never failed to mention everything they found wrong about her body. After being in the digital space for so long, Komal Pandey opened up about her cosmetic surgery in her recent post, addressing every insecurity that led to her decision. 

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The post talks about how she has gained emotional strength and knowledge about how fillers work for her face. She, however, clarified that her talking about her surgery was not her encouraging people to get one but a way to openly talk about the choice she made as a part of her own personal growth in terms of loving her body. Komal wrote, "I want to make it clear that I'm not advocating altering your appearance to find confidence, nor did I get fillers because I didn't feel beautiful. My choice was for my personal growth. It's ALSO important to remember that body positivity goes beyond embracing your body as it is; it also means having the freedom to make choices about your body, as long as they are not harmful." While she shared this as a way of taking responsibility for choosing to modify her face as something that contributed to her personal growth to loving her body, people had mixed reactions to it. Many found her to be another celebrity who succumbed to unrealitistic beauty standards.

Young girls feeling insecure about their smallest flaws is a canon event. When our bodies are changing, social media does impact the way we look at own bodies. Going through these changes and watching influencers like Komal Pandey talk about taking to surgery to deal with their body issues may have an impact because her message might get altered by the time it reaches this part of her audience.

The question remains: should a woman choosing to modify her body as she pleases still be up for debate? Is self-love still hard for many to grasp because of the insecurities that society has managed to instill deep down in all of us? Let's discuss!

While we're all struggling to remember that unrealistic standards of beauty are indeed unrealistic, modifying your face or parts of your body is still a personal choice and not one that should be up for debate. Because while content creators have the power to influence and inspire, they also owe it to themselves to live for themselves.

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