An adult's guide to celebrating Makar Sankranti

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Missing home or craving something sweet this Makar Sankranti? Check out this guide to some of your favourite festive delicacies.

Two weeks into January and we are already prepping to celebrate another festival. Talk about the essence of festivals as adults, and it is nothing but a faded hue of colourful childhood celebrations. Maybe that is also why there are very few who feel the excitement of Makar Sankranti today. But if there’s anything that keeps us rooted in the same feelings, it's usually food. Growing up, we've all heard that food is a language of its own but we understand that only now as adults. 

Maybe it's also because food and festivities go hand in hand. Anushka Hazra, a Bengali, thinks of Makar Sankranti as a chance to indulge in a bowl full of ‘pitha’ and ‘payesh’ with her loved ones. “In Bengali culture, we make homemade sweets during Sankranti, and I always associate this festival with the smell of these yummy sweets that my mom and grandmother would make all day.” Adding to her reasons to look forward to the festival. It’s not different for Kushal Mistry too who remembers the Gujarati special undhiyu and chikki that he gets to enjoy in between flying kites or "Tilli ke Laddu" for Sumit Mishra as he enjoys another game of gilli danda.

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No matter where you are, being an adult also gives you the freedom to try new things out or try your hand at taking the tradition of making sweets ahead. The ease with which one can find a recipe should solve most of your problems. 

Here's some recipes you can try:

Sonia Gupta (@bakewithsonia), shares an easy way to try making Til bhugga which is a North Indian speciality for Makar Sankranti. 

Vanshika Bhatia (@chefvanshikabhatia) shares how one can make Pooda which is also called Malpua to enjoy the festivities

Ashwini Jain (@boldbakingnation) wants you to try something new and give her methi crackers, and sesame laces recipes a try.

Hope you have a wonderful Makar Sankranti!!

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