In conversation with Manav Chhabra on owning the runaway at LFW X FDCI 2023 with TASVA

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Content creator Manav Chhabra brought his magnetism to the runaway as he walked for Tarun Tahiliani's collection TASVA at Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI 2023.

Manav Chhabra is admired on the internet for his charm and dashing features. People find it easy to appreciate how bountiful and stoic he seems which is also the reason why he has been a part of various runaways representing and walking for brands that have a story to share. Fans have loved seeing him walk at various fashion events and becoming a part of the latest Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI was like another feather on his cap. The creator walked the ramp for Tarun Tahiliani’s TASVA, which also made its debut at Lakme Fashion Week and is a collection that has something for every Indian man. 

The show aimed to highlight the redefinition of the Modern Indian Man and Manav walked for this collection and lived up to what the collection has to offer. The creator definitely enjoyed having the chance to be a part of the collection and contribute to the fashion week that everyone waits for so eagerly. “I got to walk the runway for TASVA's debut show. Their collection is perfect for Indian men during the upcoming festivities and wedding season. It was a fantastic experience to be a part of this event and show off these amazing designs.”

Manav is among the many creators who have walked the ramp or joined the fanfare this year at Lakme Fashion Week. His presence is proof of the growing popularity that creators have in an industry like fashion. Talking about creators’ impact on events like LFW and their contributions he said, “Creators play a significant role in events like Lakmé Fashion Week. They bring a fresh and unique perspective to the fashion industry. By participating in shows like TASVA's debut, creators can help introduce new styles and ideas, making fashion more relatable and accessible to a wider audience. It's a wonderful collaboration that brings innovation and inclusivity to the industry.”

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Although it was not his first, we wanted to know about his experience walking for LFW and getting the chance to showcase the collection at TASVA’s debut show. Calling it an exhilarating experience, Manav commended the energy, the crowd, and the amazing collection for making the experience unforgettable. “It was an honor to be part of an event that skillfully showcased the redefinition of the Modern Indian Man's style for various occasions. The ramp experience was truly fantastic!”

It’s hard for fashion enthusiasts to pick a favorite among all the shows but Manav had his. “My favorite show at Lakmé Fashion Week was definitely TASVA's debut show, where I had the opportunity to walk the runway. It was an incredible experience being a part of this event and showcasing their stunning collection, especially with the focus on the Modern Indian Man's style for different occasions. It was a memorable and exciting moment for me.”

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