Masoom Minawala releases her first ever book titled ‘She’ll Never Make It’

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Masoom Minawala released her first-ever book to inspire women and help them prove themselves in this dynamic world

Masoom Minawala, an influencer, entrepreneur, and investor just announced the release of her first-ever book. When Masoom says ‘buy’, her followers trust her judgment. She started her career in 2012 with a blog, at a time when content creation was not the ‘it’ career; now she has amassed a community of over 1.4M followers. ‘She’ll Never Make It’ is a book about Masoom’s journey from being ridiculed to proving everyone wrong. This part memoir part self-help book is packed with secrets from Masoom on how to build a new-age business and survive in a dynamic world. From how to network if you’re a shy person to the truth behind work-life balance, this book tells it like it is.

Adding ‘Author’ to her title, Masoom said, “For the past two years, I’ve poured my heart into this book—a reflection of my unconventional journey in an unconventional career. If my story, my failures, my learnings can help even one person on their journey, then it’s all worth it. Moreover, I hope it serves as inspiration for women navigating similar paths, showing them that unconventional routes can lead to something magical.”

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To mark the launch of the book, Masoom is all set to do a 4-city India book tour:

Bangalore- 17th April 2024

Delhi- 18th April 2024

Mumbai- 19th April 2024 

Ahmedabad- 20th April 2024 

Deepika Padukone, Indian actor and producer said, "I knew she was destined for greatness . . . To those who doubted her, they clearly don’t know the Masoom I know."

Karan Johar, movie producer and filmmaker said, "A narrative I didn’t see coming. Very honest and filled with insights on how to make things happen. To be like Masoom is the aspiration of a generation of Indian girls. A self-made social media icon, every product she touches turns to gold. A true pioneer."

Masaba Gupta, Indian designer and actress, "I find that in a burgeoning influencer culture in India, Masoom has been a trailblazer with her ability to expand beyond the realms of being a traditional tastemaker. She has business acumen, is always thinking ahead and as a woman, is not afraid to reveal her true self in a world full of smoke and mirrors."

‘She’ll Never Make It’ is available at leading bookstores nationwide and online.

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