5 reasons why Meghna Kaur is the real life Shanaya!

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Meghna Kaur

If you had to picture a creator saying, "Hath mein Pom Pom lekar ladko ke liye chillana, vo mera style nahi hai," you have to agree no one but Meghna Kaur fits the bill.

Very few have the charm to vitalise a room they enter and turn it up with their personality that somewhat resembles summer. If we had to describe a creator who gives off the same energy, we can all agree that it is Meghna Kaur aka Shetroublemaker. The creator whose Instagram screams ultra-modern comfort, feels like a breath of fresh air. But if we had to categorise her as a Bollywood character, we don't think we can differentiate between Meghna and Shanaya from Student of the Year.

We can imagine the creator making an entrance on 'Gulaabi Ankhein' as she makes heads turn with her elegant looks. Her style is for everyone who loves dressing up while feeling comfortable in their skin and we can spend hours on her page, looking through every outfit she has to share. Not to forget her Instagram which gives us fancy, rich girl on a world tour vibes, which is exactly what we imagine Shanaya's IG would be like. She is bubbly and kind and makes sure to keep her designer collections in a safe place - always by her side. She knows how to throw a party and stick to her girlfriends. Most importantly, she understands her worth and shuts off any boy who thinks otherwise.

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Here's why Meghna gives us Shanaya feels!

She's your go-to travel companion

A friend you can have endless conversations with

Your ultimate gym sidekick

Turns from Rads to Radha any moment

Most importantly she's your perfect shopping partner

Happy birthday Meghna!

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