Travel creator Raunaq Sahni aka Monkey Magic, launches his debut book 'Melodies of India'

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Raunaq Sahni

The travel influencer Raunaq Sahni, aka Monkey Magic, sells over 5,000 copies of his debut book 'Melodies of India'

Raunaq Sahni, also known as Monkey Magic, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by successfully launching his debut book, "Melodies of India." As a talented travel creator and now an author, Sahni's literary skills shine through in this captivating exploration of Indian culture and life along the revered Ganga River. In an impressive display of independent authorship, Raunaq wrote and published 'Melodies of India,' offering readers a unique perspective on the rich tapestry of Indian heritage. Through pre-orders alone, the book has surpassed the 5,000-copy mark, setting a new record in the history of creators. Raunaq is the first creator in Indian history to produce a book in this content series.

Raunaq embarked on an extraordinary journey over four months to craft his inaugural literary work. From the mystical origins of Gomukh to the tranquil shores of Gangasagar, his adventure along the Ganga River inspired "Melodies of India," delivering a profound exploration of the country's diverse heritage. Expressing his excitement, Raunaq Sahni stated, "Writing and publishing 'Melodies of India' has been a dream come true. I am deeply grateful for the overwhelming support from readers who have embraced this journey with me. It is truly humbling to see the book resonate with so many people."

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Sahni started his pre-launch tour on June 2nd, where he met fans and distributed pre-ordered books across seven cities, including Jaipur, Surat, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Varanasi. The tour concluded with the grandest launch in Delhi on 16th June.

Raunaq, with a decade-long career in film documentaries and YouTube videos, embarked on a transformative 100-day journey across India, a personal odyssey tagged #100DaysofDreaming. This voyage sparked profound questions about identity, both personal and national. Seated on the banks of the sacred Ganges one serene morning, he received a subtle yet compelling message from the river herself—to embark on a journey tracing the length of the Ganges, from its source to its delta, in search of the essence of self and country. This encouraged the concept of his debut book “Melodies of Indiaˮ.

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