Creators go exploring the museums of Mumbai to learn about history!

Content creators Hitika Sachdev and Diya Lulla shed light on the importance of visiting museums of Mumbai and the ways they make us feel closer to history.

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The future will always be a result of history. The impact of the past continues to impact the decisions of our present and future, and that’s exactly why knowing and understanding history feels important. One gets to learn about the beauty, elegance and the learning of everything that happened before us through museums. While one may not consider visiting museums as an exciting activity, it’s always recommended to experience it at least once in a lifetime. Lifestyle influencers Diya Lulla and Hitika Sachdev embarked on a journey through the museums of Mumbai, delving deep into the fascinating world of ancient artefacts.

These influencers with their keen eye for detail and passion for culture, talk about the immersive experience of exploring the rich history and heritage preserved within Mumbai's museums. From deciphering the stories behind ancient relics to sharing their insights and experiences, they provide a fresh perspective on Museum Day.

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Here’s what they had to share:

What inspired the decision to explore the museums of Mumbai?

Diya Lulla, “Hunting through Mumbai's museums was a no-brainer for me! It was like treasure chests full of cool stuff from the past and present. I love learning new things and sharing them with you all. My curiosity actually inspired me.” 

Hitika Sachdev, "Honestly, my mom inspired my decision to explore the museums of Mumbai. Growing up, she'd share fascinating stories about our city's past and the wonders hidden within its museums. Her passion definitely ignited a spark in me." 

What aspects of Mumbai's cultural heritage did you discover during your museum exploration?

Diya Lulla, While I was exploring museums, each museum told a story about the city's rich history and diverse communities. From ancient sculptures to modern art (my favourite), it was like piecing together a colourful puzzle of Mumbai’s culture!

Hitika Sachdev: "I learned about Mumbai's past, its traditions, and how it's all mixed up with modern vibes. From sparkly Bollywood stuff to traditional dances that made me want to groove, it was a blast from start to finish."

Why do you think it's important for people to visit museums at least once in their lifetime?

Diya Lulla, I feel like this provides a window to our past, present and even future. Museums preserve and showcase our collective heritage, from ancient artefacts to contemporary art, giving insights into different cultures, histories, and perspectives. 

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