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National Creator Awards 2024

“Whether you're a content creator, a tech wizard, or a Gaming Guru We want YOUR talent to shine!” - MyGov

The creator economy has been at an all-time high. The fact that social media is what we look at first thing we wake up or turn to when we are out of ideas and creativity, makes it clear how integral it is in our lives. While we benefit from it in our own little way, we cannot suspend the valuable contribution that content creation has been making to the economy. Every industry has recognized the potential that it holds and now, so has the government of India. As an incredible initiative keeping the future in mind, the Indian government announced the National Creator Awards on the citizen engagement platform, MyGov. “Whether you're a content creator, a tech wizard, or a Gaming Guru We want YOUR talent to shine!” is what the notice says on MyGov, as it waits for nominations.  

With about 20 categories that include, Best Travel Creator Award, The New India Champion Award, Tech Creator Award, Best Storyteller Award, Best Creator for Social Change, and more, these awards will facilitate these creative heads impacting the younger generation through their everyday chronicles. The nomination process is easy and people can nominate themselves or the creators they love. For the ones self-nominating, it can be done in a maximum of three categories while those nominating others can nominate in all categories.

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The nominations with be reviewed by a jury panel consisting of domain experts from government, academia, media, and civil society. It will judged based on creativity, impact, reach, innovation, sustainability, and alignment with the goals of the award. There will be a single winner for 19 categories, except the International Creator Award category which would have three winners. The number of followers or subscribers will also be considered as of February 9, 2024. Winners for each category will be decided based on a combination of the jury’s evaluation and public votes.

This initiative will hopefully help boost the content creation industry, giving people a legitimate reason to pursue a career in content creation. Not to forget the openness of this opportunity that allows people nominate themselves and be counted amongst popular creators. 

If you plan on nominating yourself or your favourite creators, you can click here.

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