Tanzeel Khan and Hasan Shah create magic with their latest song 'Neendran Di Chor'

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Neendran Di Chor

"Working with Hasan on 'Neendran Di Chor' has been an incredible journey," says Tazeel Khan while talking about his latest song collaboration.

Content creator and musician Tanzeel Khan and acclaimed musician Hasan Shah have teamed up for their latest new single, "Neendran Di Chor." This track is set to be the Punjabi hit of the summer, with its blend of soft, mesmerizing verses and a catchy, energetic hook that listeners will love.

"Neendran Di Chor" follows the story of a traveler and a high-born individual who are drawn to a mysterious beauty known by many names, like Genie and Djinn. The music video, filmed in the beautiful and historic city of Ouarzazate, Morocco, perfectly complements the song’s enchanting tale.

Tanzeel Khan, a popular artist and content creator from Mumbai, brings his warmth and charm to the song. Known for his hits "Dili Ki Ladki" and "Befikar," Tanzeel has quickly gained millions of fans on social media.

"This song is very special to me," said Tanzeel Khan. "Working with Hasan on 'Neendran Di Chor' has been an incredible journey. The magic we felt while making this track is something I hope everyone feels when they listen to it. The story, the music, and the visuals all came together perfectly, and I can't wait for everyone to experience it."

Hasan Shah, a well-known musician and composer, also expressed his excitement. "Collaborating with Tanzeel on 'Neendran Di Chor' was amazing. Our styles fused naturally, and we created something unique and timeless. I’m thrilled to share this song with the world."

Listen to the song here:

"Neendran Di Chor" is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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