Niharika NM - The queen of relatable and raw Humor

Piyush Singh
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Let's take a look back at some of our favorite collaborations and see why Niharika is truly a maestro of relatable and raw humor! 

Niharika NM’s content is always a breath of fresh air. As one of those few influencers who can effortlessly wear the hat of an all-rounder, her presence is hard to ignore. Her interviews are always fun to watch, and for many reasons, fans seem to remember and revisit every celebrity collaboration she has done. A few months back, she even joined the voice actor cast of the show "Big Mouth," proving that it's an understatement to call her merely a content creator. 

Known for her hilarious and engaging video collaborations, Niharika’s infectious energy and relatable humor have made her a favorite among audiences. Whether she’s teaming up with fellow influencers or creating content with brands, her unique comedic style resonates with us all. What truly sets Niharika apart is her ability to bring a sense of rawness to her humor, making it incredibly relatable and genuine. Her humor is not just about punchlines or scripted jokes; it's about capturing the essence of everyday situations and presenting them in a way that feels unfiltered and authentic. This rawness adds to her charm, creating a connection with her audience that feels personal and real. 

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Here are few reasons we love her:

When she interviews celebrities, it's a delightful mix of humor and genuine curiosity. Whether she's asking offbeat questions or sharing a laugh, Niharika's interviews are always fun to watch.

The concepts of her brand collaboration videos are always fun to watch. Her unique approach ensures that each video is not just an advertisement, but a piece of content that her audience enjoys and remembers.

Her collaborations with actors have just the right amount of quirkiness that we absolutely love. 

No matter what she does, there is a sense of relief that we get to experience while watching her onscreen. We will always be eager to watch her as she continues to add new feather of achievements into her cap!

Here's wishing this powerhouse a happy birthday!

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