10 times Nivya Rodrigues turned the ordinary into something extraordinary with her Reels!

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Meet Nivya Rodrigues, a video editor, and content creator who is giving cinematic aesthetics on Instagram new meaning with her unmatched editing skills.

Being consistent with your content daily on social media is no cakewalk, but when someone strives to achieve the difficult mile, you know the person's here to stay. I think that is what attracted me to profiles like that of Nivya Rodrigues. Nivya has been posting every day since the beginning of the year intending to reach a specific number of followers on her page. And that according to me speaks a lot about someone's will to work hard and reach their goal, even if that means reaching a certain amount of followers.

If there's something that stands out for me in her content, it's her creativity that reminds me of all my forgotten passion for beauty in the ordinary. Capturing the ordinary, and making it extraordinary has become her trademark and each of her videos delivers that. Adding to it, in each video that she puts up, there is an insightful caption that is a mix of her revelations, discoveries about content, or even personal story times. She also makes sure to add tutorials for anyone who would want to edit videos like she does. Her profile is a colorful, pleasing, and captivating space of content that one can go through. My favorite ones have to be the April 'Phools' Day video with flowers in the triangular floor patterns and the 'Blink it on' video. One can continue scrolling through her profile without getting bored. She does not do it just for the likes and following but also does it with genuine hard work and passion. It takes precision and a keen eye to pay attention to the minute details of editing a video, right from cutouts to keyframes and even getting the perfect shots for videos. And Nivya shows us just how to do it like a pro. 

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So in case, you are looking for cinematic inspo to create something today, take a look at Nivya's profile:

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