Meet Noel Robinson, the creator who is dancing his way to Indian hearts!

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Who is the American with the big afro on the streets in India that has everyone talking? Keep reading to find out more about Noel Robinson. 

It's always refreshing to see people from across the globe finding things that fascinate them about India and embracing it without hesitation. We have witnessed creators bringing their magic to the streets of India and the latest to join the list is American TikToker Noel Robinson. This German Nigerian content creator is famous for 2 things, dancing, and his big afro hairdo! If you look at his profile you’ll find a long list of places where he breaks into dance parties with people of different nationalities including America, Dubai, Indonesia, his hometown Nigeria, and more.  Noel brings people together through his reels, involving them to groove with him.

After visiting different countries, Noel Robinson has arrived in India to share his infectious and vibrant personality. From vibing with the people on Indian streets to showcasing his moves in our local trains, Robinson has been taking India by storm. Although leaving people startled at first he manages to make them feel connected. Noel is on a mission to bring the people of India together the way he has been doing globally. 

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Take a look at how this global creator is bringing people together in India with his eccentric personality:

Aren't you excited to see him bring the Indian streets alive? 

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