#CreatorRewind: NRI creators of 2023 who sprinkled their desi magic on a videshi land!

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NRI creators of 2023

It was not just trends for these NRI creators but about doing their bit in staying close to home through their content. Check out this list of NRI creators we loved in 2023

Remember the first time we watched Akshay Kumar give that emotional speech at the end of Namaste London? We were all left with goosebumps with a sense of patriotism serging through us. It was the idea of an Indian feeling pride about the very culture people from other countries were making fun of that gripped us. For Indians who have been living in this country, it was just another movie scene that shows off our patriotic love. But that is not the case for Indians who were raised in a foreign country.

They grew up having to justify and fight the ones belittling their culture and practices that are just a part of their lives. Things we hardly notice and care about hold massive importance to them, and they make sure to embrace them every chance they get. It took shows like Never Have I Ever or the Polient Society for Indians living here to realize the lack of representation on platforms that reach a bigger audience. Content creation being one, creators like Nikita are standing as true representatives of the Indian population with her detailed and well-informed content. On the other hand, we have creators like Natasha Thasan choosing to talk about things that matter while using their culture to spread them. It was exciting to see these creators contribute to the industry while being their vibrant selves.

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Taha Arshad 

Satish Bisa

Maninder Sachdeva

Durka Muru

Posh Heat

Akash Raola



Natasha Thasan

Mrinmoyee Ghose

Milan Mathew

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