Ourange Juice Gang unveiled their anthem to celebrate their friendship and love for comedy

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Ourange Juice gang

The Ourange Juice Gang released their anthem on November 28 capturing and celebrates their journey and the spirit of the dynamic group. 

The Ourange Juice Gang's recent YouTube debut has undoubtedly set the online community abuzz with excitement. To heighten the anticipation, the talented creators Saurabh Ghadge, Karan Sonawane, Neel Salekar, Sidhant Sarfare, Shravan Kshirsagar, Shubham Jadhav, and Santosh Mishra, unveiled the Ourange Juice Anthem. In the anthem, each member brings their unique flair to the forefront, showcasing not only their collective chemistry but also their individuality. After the remarkable success of Jinklo, a milestone marking Neel's 1 million followers and a track from a creator to the creators, the group has taken another leap by launching the anthem. Composed by Karan Kanchan, the anthem is born out of the collective success of the Ourange Juice Gang, and it resonates with the flow style of renowned Indian Hip Hop artists, particularly inspired by DIVINE

The music video gives us a sneak peek into the personalities of these creators, giving viewers a glimpse into their lives and passion as the lyrics unfold. They took to this anthem to talk about their passion for comedy and love of their fans. What sets this anthem apart is the infusion of a Marathi twist, adding an extra layer of cultural richness to the overall vibe. Beyond the entertainment factor, the anthem subtly emphasizes the significance of forging meaningful connections and staying connected with the right people. Above everything, it makes us believe that creativity is not only enjoyable but also invigorating when shared in collaboration. In essence, the Ourange Juice Anthem emerges as more than just a signature tune for the gang; it evolves into a celebration of friendship and collaborations, inspiring everyone who tunes in to strive for such friendship.

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Check out the video if you haven't already! 

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