From "Apa Fer Milaangey" to "Out of my league", here's a list of trending Reel songs on Instragram

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Don't forget to be obessed with yet another song. Here are the most trending Reel songs that are lighting up our Instagram feeds.

This week it was a vibe fest on Instagram as people got seriously creative, crafting visually stunning content to the beats of "Dil se Dil Tak." Mini vlogs took over with the groovy tunes of "Out of My League" and "Trance," giving us all the feels. Savi Kahlon's fresh banger, "Apa Fer Milaangey," slid into our Punjabi playlists, dominating Reels and becoming the go-to jam. People have been using the song to add that special vibe to their reels. Meanwhile, "Mera Nada Jhubedaar se" brought out some hilariously entertaining content that gave us all a good laugh. Furthermore, the festive spirit of Makar Sankranti could be seen on the platform. Instagram was buzzing with positive spirit as people captured the essence and joy of the festival through awesome reels. Feeling inspired to make some content of your own? Dive into the Instagram trends of the week and let your creativity shine!

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Here are some reel trends that you too can try! 

Dil se Dil Tak 

Out of my League


Apa Fer Milaangey

Mera Nada Jubedaar se 

Makar Sankranti Reels

What was the best trend of the week for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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