From Valentine's Day to the cool flashlight transition, Reel trends that dominated our feeds

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Discover the most fun reel trends that dominated our Instagram this week.

With Valentine's Day, Instagram was buzzing with content celebrating love and companionship. Couples shared heartfelt moments through videos and posts, with songs like "Ve Haaniyaan". Alongside these cute posts, humorous memes also flooded our feeds, highlighting the lighthearted side of Valentine's Day. Creators cannot keep themselves away from making those GWRM videos. This week, we saw people doing a really interesting flashlight transition trend.

There were many meme trends that we laughed at this week. "What if your card declines at Therapy" jokes have made a comeback. It's like everyone's tapping into their deepest fears and turning them into comedy. These memes hit close to home in the most unexpected ways, making us all feel so fun to scroll through them. But wait, there's more! Another trend that had us all hooked this week was the "Of Course" meme. You know how we humans just love to generalize stuff? Well, this meme trend took that to a whole new level. With its "Of course if we are this then, we love to do that" format, it practically took over our feeds. There is nothing as cool as riding the wave of whatever is cool right now. It's time to jump on those trending reel formats and have a good time with your friends.

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When your card declines at Therapy (Meme Trend) 

"Of course" trend 

"Chapak" Trend 


Ve Haaniyaan 

Flashlight transition 

Koi Si Ajwavy Mix 


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