Revant Himatsingka's new anthem aims to encourage the habit of reading product labels among Indian consumers

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Revant Himatsingka launched the "Label Padhega India" challenge and Anthem, starting a movement to highlight the importance of informed consumer choices. 

In a country like India, where marketing gimmicks often overshadow transparency, reading food labels has become more important than ever. Recent controversies surrounding food adulteration have highlighted the necessity of scrutinizing product labels and consumers are increasingly realizing that what's advertised may not always reflect the truth of what's inside.

Revant Himatsingka, a social media de-influencer also known as FoodPharmer, is known for challenging brands on their deceptive marketing practices. In his fight against food adulteration, he launched a new campaign, “Label Padhega India”, on May 11th, aiming to empower consumers by promoting the importance of reading food labels. The anthem arrives in the wake of significant food scandals such as the masala cancer controversy, the Patanjali controversy, the baby-milk sugar controversy, and the protein-powder controversy. Additionally, drinks like Bournvita have been delisted as actual health drinks.

This initiative, spearheaded by FoodPharmer, seeks to highlight the hidden hazards concealed within the nutritional labels of packaged foods, shedding light on the detrimental effects of preservatives and unhealthy additives on consumer well-being. Revant aims to spread awareness among people of how dietary choices help in shaping one’s health through his content and initiatives. He urges consumers to scrutinize the ingredients camouflaged behind flashy packaging. By initiating this challenge, he aims to encourage the habit of reading labels among Indian consumers. Revant believes that if everyone begins to read labels, companies will no longer be able to deceive consumers with false marketing claims. 

In support of FoodPharmer's mission, many influential personalities have joined the cause, including Ankur Warikoo, Archana Puran Singh, Tech Burner, Abhi and Niyu, Saurav Joshi, Ankita Bainyanpuria, Abhinav Bindra, Flying Beast, Dinesh Karthik, Luke Coutinho, Terence Lewis, Thugesh, and many others. With such an influential coalition, we eagerly anticipate the outcome of their collective efforts and the positive impact they will have on promoting transparency and informed decision-making among Indian consumers.

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