Is being a creator a requisite skill, even for an RJ? We asked RJ content creators!

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On World Radio Day, we asked radio jockeys and content creators RJ Hari, Yash, Rabia, and Raghav if becoming content creators has become necessary for every profession.

Entertainment has changed in the sense that being constantly bombarded with addictive and engaging stories has people glued to their screens. Everything feels, ironically, a little more real when they appear on short video platforms. Radio still happens to be a major platform, but the popularity of other platforms makes you wonder if content creation has become a requisite skill for individuals wanting to pursue a career as an RJ.

Being a content creator has become synonymous with every profession, and being an RJ is no different. RJs who have turned content creators agree that in today's world, being a radio jocket isn't just about having a great voice and spinning tracks. It's about connecting with your audience on multiple levels, and that's where content creation comes into play. Crafting engaging content has become a way to amplify your voice, build a personal brand, and stay relevant in a world that's constantly evolving. 


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We had a chat with RJs and content creators Hari, Yash, Rabia Sethi, and Raghav to know their thoughts about it on World Radio Day.

Sharing his journey of being an RJ who also does content creation, RJ Raghav mentioned that his journey as an RJ kicked off in 2009 with a very outgoing audition, leading him on a 13-year adventure as an RJ. "Throughout these years, I've had incredible opportunities to collaborate with various radio stations across different cities, connecting with multiple audiences and working with talented people who share my passion. Beyond the mic, I've had the privilege to work on big stages, adding a dash of storytelling and entertainment to these events. But I never wanted to stop at radio, so I decided to try creating content!" Fast forward to today, it's been a thrilling journey filled with moments that have shaped his content and allowed him to evolve as a content creator and entertainer. "I'm excited to continue this journey, exploring new ideas and connecting with people!"

About the status content creation holds in today's time, especially with audio content, RJ Hari believes that creating content still holds an esteemed position, especially for RJs. “We tailor our content based on show timings and our personalities, making each broadcast an exclusive experience." Imagine this - as a radio jockey, you can shed light on the awful conditions of roads, serve as a lifeline for someone in need of blood, or become a light of joy by dedicating a song to make someone feel special. "We jump into everyday issues, such as traffic, allowing our listeners to share their problems and find comfort in the conversation. In essence, audio content creation is a powerful medium with the potential to spark positive change in society.” He describes how RJs hold the key to making a difference, extending a helping hand, and even bringing laughter to someone's day.

Radio has been part of entertainment forever, but we have seen podcasts as a form of audio content becoming popular. RJ Rabia knows that radio has always held a special place as the people's medium. Its ability to reach the masses, connect diverse communities, and provide a platform for shared experiences is unmatched. Even in the face of changing trends, the essence of radio remains unshaken. "Although other mediums are gaining popularity, I feel that traditional radio gets affected with each development." Despite how podcasts demand our full attention and engagement, traditional radio has a distinct charm as a background companion. “It silently weaves into our daily lives, allowing us to engage in conversations and connect with others effortlessly. It's the subtle companion that accompanies our routines, a quality that sets it apart! I don't think traditional radio will get affected with new forms of entertainment emerging!”

When asked RJ Yash if he believes that the credibility of a person is judged by the followers they have online and if that hinders the art of the content, he disagreed. "I don't think that it is just about credibility in this game, but about expectations." The idea of having more followers will cause expectations to come knocking on their door and have people thinking about it differently. “People these days have been glued to content for a good 2-3 years, and they've got a keen eye. They know that if you've got a massive following, you must've earned it with top-notch content. But here's the thing, if you start slacking, if the quality takes a dip, your audience won't hesitate to hit that switch button. It's a world of expectations and you've got to stay on top of your game!" That's the key to growth, to staying relevant without compromising the art of what radio jockeys do. It's about constantly living up to those expectations. "It's a challenge, for sure but I would recommend embracing it.” He feels that it’s not just about the numbers but ultimately about mastering the balance between audience expectations and staying true to your content creation craft.

What do you think about content creation becoming an irreplaceable part of entertainment? Let us know in the comments below.

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