Unnati Malharkar and Rishabh Chawla’s series #RUgoodenough is a yummy trend of its own

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We all love watching the viral ‘5-minute’ meals that look quick, and fuss-free! Creators Unnati and Rishabh are trying out the same in their series #RUgoodenough

Who doesn’t like the easy-to-make cheese ramen or the freedom to experiment with the combos that make it fun!? It's this ease why we all love watching new foods and ‘5-minute’ meals that can be made quickly. Even though we might not have tried it ourselves, we surely love watching others try and give their judgment on the same. This series by content creators Unnati Malharkar and Rishabh Chawlaa is dedicated to trying out different viral food combos and giving their verdict on whether they work. Both these creators have been in the content space for quite some time making their mark in their respective genres from vlogging, and streaming. They are also known for their 1-minute dance choreographies, group vlogging, and much more. That is exactly why people have been loving this series it is different from the content that they normally do.

In this series, they both take us through several viral food recipes that they stumbled upon online that are tried and tested by all. From everything Korean to a different latte recipe to trying to make homemade cakes and banana chips,  to the not-so-common Maggi recipe, they make and try it all through this series. Just recently, they posted another viral recipe on account of the upcoming ‘Holi week’. In case you're looking for instant and yummy recipes, their series is one to watch out for! 

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Check out the #RUgoodenough series below; 

What would your suggestions be for them to try out in more viral food videos? Tell us in the comment section below!

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