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Content Creator Ruhee Dosani gets candid with Social Ketchup Ed, Mrinil Mathur Rajwani, about becoming a social media sensation by following her heart and doing what she loves to do - dancing to Bollywood songs.

No one has mainstreamed 90s Bollywood songs the way Ruhee Dosani did. All of us have danced our hearts out to these songs but never had the guts to create content on them. Ruhee is no dance perfectionist but that is exactly what makes her special. She dances the way she likes to these peppy-groovy-masala songs we literally grew up listening to and puts those crazy dance videos on social media and win everyone’s heart. From Govinda to Salman Khan, we have seen her recreating the magic with their songs in 60-second Reels. This queen of K-Town (as her Instagram bio reads) became famous when she was in the US and collaborated with her friends there, and now she is making Indian celebrities and content creators sway a little with her. In this unplugged version of herself, Ruhee shares tales from her childhood, her time in the US, how she became a content creator, and her future plans. 


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Here's what she had to say in her interview:

Was being a content creator ever a part of your plan before your video went viral?

Making videos has always fascinated me. I started my YouTube channel seven years ago now. I made two videos. My plan was to either stick to making videos on YouTube or have a serious and proper corporate life. Of course, I chose a different life. I feel like I was just having fun creating content, but as soon as I started receiving messages and love from people, that was my biggest motivation. I realized that this could be a thing; it could be a job that I’m doing now. I have two jobs. That was never a plan; I’ve always loved to dance on stage with little performances since childhood. So I knew I could be a performer so woh tha dil mein ki kuch na kuch karoongi zaroor, but I never thought it would be on social media. So I never thought I’d blow up on Instagram two years ago and my life would change, which it really did.

How was Ruhee Dosani as a kid?

I was very mischievous. I was an annoying kid, woh hota hai hai, kisi se dar nahi. Mujhe ghussa bohot tha pehle har choti baat par. I used to be short-tempered. The biggest thing that changed me as a person was moving all by myself to another country. Chotti chotti baatein like mummy ne mera favorite khana nahi banaaya would make me angry lekin ab chaat chaat ke khaati hoon sab. I even with friends, it gets resolved. Paanch minute ghussa rehti hoon I don’t let it control my day anymore, I don’t remove it on anybody. I feel like badey ho gaey hai aisa lag raha hai. I was the same. I wanted to be a part of everything. I was a monitor. Colony mein bhi sab jaante hai, even today, I have a lot of friends. I was a people’s person. Mummy ko pareshaan toh maine kabhi nahi kiya hai. Padhai bhi ache se karti thi, scholar nahi bolungi, but I had good scores. On the 10th, my mom thought I would flunk, she was ready ke sab poochenge aur naam kharab karegi but I scored like 85% around. You know why, because in the 9th and 10th, I used to go to the Gurudwara. I’ll call it my double life. I used to do everything. We had a group, and we used to handle the whole program there and after 10 PM, we used to go to the club. So I’d live two lives. Then my mom was like ladki balanced hai. My mom knew everything about me, wherever I was. Because when I started lying, and I got caught one day, she sat me down and said - kuch bhi kar jhooth mat bolna. So I was like theek hai. So she has had this trust in me since the beginning. And because of my upbringing, I am the way I am. I feel good. I’m happy, I’m mentally, emotionally, and financially stable. So I think, Choti Ruhee has had the best childhood. Luckily no trauma! Even if I had it, everything got dealt with there and then.

You collaborated with so many creators and celebrities in the past couple of them, and as we all like to call it a Collab Fest, what was your idea behind this approach? How has it turned out for you?

I feel like we did plan this completely, and it worked out exactly how we planned it. We had a calendar and set dates and everything. When the whole team is dedicated, everything works out well. I enjoyed it and everyone did too. Woh kaam tha but aisa laga nahi ke that was work for me. Again cheers to the team because had I not had my team, things would have been different. They know my capacity ki main kitna kya kar sakti hoon so they push, and I just have to go and do what I have to. So it worked out pretty well. 

Why was this collab fest planned in the first place?

Because a lot of people were noticing it. I collaborated with anyone and everyone, whoever I wanted to collaborate with. I go like, I want to dance with this person because I wanted to explore their talent because two different talents are coming together. Mera first thing is I’m not shy, not egoistic, and don’t care how many followers you have or whatever. If I like you and your talent, I will go for it. So that collaboration turned out to be a very favourable thing for even the platform for the collaboration feature. So they were also happy like someone was using this feature. I feel like a lot of people started collaborating after that too. People were like do log mil rahe, unke numbers aur talent mil rahe hai toh kyun nahi. And then, when it came to the Collab Fest, there were a lot of even budding creators who wanted to collaborate with me. So one thing about me is when I’m growing, I’m like tu yaar mere saath grow ho. Even if I don’t know you, and if I can help you out in any way, I’ll help you out. So unke saath collab karke my eyes opened up because these creators were so creative. Not a lot of people are out there. They’ve been making videos since a long time and kabhi kabhi na luck ki bhi baat hoti hai toh chal gaya kisika, kisika nahi chala. Itni mehnat karke jo consistent reh rahe hai, why not help them a little bit. They’re genuinely amazing people. It was something very different. We have certain goals, we like planning things that are different. Because I love being different, doing things differently. So kuch nikla aisa collab fest se which made us want to do it. My team made it happen. We shot for a whole 24 hours continuously. Once we wrapped up at 7 AM and it was very helpful to a lot of people, and it was fun. Like I feel it was the most memorable day for me, for sure

How are you breaking the wall with celebrities and unleashing their fun side with you? 

Whenever I go for a collab, my first instance is, if somebody is coming to me for a collab, you know, one of the main factors why we did a collab fest was that it gave me that kind of confidence ki mere pas aa rahe hai log. They want to collaborate with me and how comfortable I am with them. Toh mujhe yeh bhi sikhne mila ki how to approach people and talk to them. The first thing is comfort, so my first question to any celebrity I collaborated or danced with is 'are you comfortable doing it?  Whatever you are comfortable with, we will do that.' And if they have any steps in mind that they want to do, we'll do it. And trust me, everyone whom I have collaborated with always had their own input. They were so much into it. When it comes to limitations, somewhere, we know ki kitna vo log karenge. You know we have that feeling, because of course they don't have the time, they are extremely busy. Toh yeh hi hai ki easy steps nikalke vo karna hai. But if they give us the time toh we need a backup plan. Because mera na issa hai me concept kuch aur hi leke jaati hu. Kyuki, every time I create something different. But I feel like, to date, everyone has been great. No bad encounters, and hopefully, they also haven't felt uncomfortable. I feel like that is the main thing, right? Feeling comfortable, you like what you are doing, that's the best thing. Kyuki I had a celeb's team who said they won't dance. Toh mene bola me pehle unko mil leti hu and explain my concept. Because, you know what, some celebs are not on social media, so I just to let them know what works for my audience.

What are your plans for yourself as a creator and how do you plan to stay relevant in these competitive times?

See, that is why I have a second job, which is my first job. Again, dancing is something that I have put out there. Most people don't know how to play most musical instruments except for string instruments. Nobody has that idea ki mene tabla sikha hua hai. So music is also something that I love, along with creating music. I feel like there are a lot of other plans also, but I also know for a fact that you don't always stay relevant. The entertainment industry is where you don't always stay relevant, But our job is to see what we can do next. Now I have also started putting some relatable content. The second thing is, "What if I only get bored of content creation?" Usske liye bhi I know what would be my next step. I am open to everything. I think yeh stress na maintain hona chahiye. You shouldn't be like ki 'yaar mera toh kuch bhi chal jayega. Log mujhe pasand karte hai.' Likes ek baat hoti hai, actual love is different. That's my thing, numbers I want them for my profile, but for me, it’s difficult because I hate following trends. You'll see me very rarely doing a trendy video. Humesha kuch hatke karke, ek din hat jaungi. (laughs) I am kidding. I feel like ussme hi dimag chalta rehta hai na. When I sit with my family or my friends, they are very helpful when it comes to content or anything. I want to evolve in the job that I have, and I want to grow in that space too. So there is a lot on my plate. But I feel like that's the fun that keeps me going. It keeps my energy high.

Wishing Ruhee a very happy birthday! May we continue to see such more 60-second epic Bollywood collaborations. 

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