Sakshi Sindwani's #CULTUREDbyWOMEN pays tribute to women creating artistic designs and embroideries!

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Sakshi Sindwani’s #CULTUREDbyWOMEN takes us through various styles of embroideries and prints created by hard-working women to make beautiful fashion statements.

Fashion influencers play a very significant role in setting trends, educating, and even influencing our fashion choices in the right way. With increasing trends, fashion influencers have begun setting new trends, with series that are dedicated to a particular style or theme. Sakshi Sindwani who radiates major peppy and sunshine-like personality has dedicatedly set new trends with each series that she has created over her years of being on the fashion influencer journey. From her wedding festivities to walking the ramp she has always set a mark with fashion trends that eliminate every beauty standard. Her new series #CULTUREDbyWOMEN which she released a week ago is a beautiful culmination of embroidery and design pieces created by women for women.

"Women are the heart and soul of embroideries and designs", mentions Sakshi in Episode 1 of this series, which is absolutely true! On account of Women’s Day last week, she dedicated this series to all the women who put their hands into creating such beautiful works of art. Be it from women depicting their culture onto Madhubani sarees and materials, to skilfully handmade Kashmiri kadhai prints, the authentic chikankari material originated from Bihar to the tribal Gond art depiction, this series promises authenticity in the depiction of the artistic works created by women. In one of her reel captions, she mentions I started my series #CULTUREDbyWOMEN to support women-run / women-supported businesses and give light to the crafts and embroideries of our country ( the ones where women are right at the center)”  

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Here's a look into the #CULTUREDbyWOMEN series:


Stay tuned for more on her Instagram as this series is truly one to look out for! 

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