Sakshi Sindwani's expertise on crafting dher sara content during the dherSARA wedding

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Sakshi Sindwani’s grand wedding

Sakshi Sindwani has been living her dream of marrying her long-time beau right from when she was a bride to-be to the D-day and she's given us enough and more bridal content before and during the entire wedding process.

The wedding fever is on in full swing with people around us getting married left, right, and centre. Din Shagna Da and Kudmai are the only songs we come across on Reels and every cousin and friends group is bringing their best foot forward. In the midst of it all, last weekend, Sakshi Sindwani and Raghav Arora tied the knot and it was the only thing that netizens were talking about. Considering how hyped Sakshi was about getting married, it wasn't surprising when we were showered with dherSARA content throughout her wedding.

The craze around weddings has always been high, but with social media, it has only increased manifold. The tendency to create a collection on Instagram and share every other wedding Reel you come across, eventually making it the ultimate inspiration, is now as common as it gets. Sakshi seems to have made it easier for many brides out there with her wedding content. Something that looked straight out of a Barjatya-Bansali film, it was the most luxurious wedding that kept getting better with each function. And Sakshi made sure to stun everyone, including her husband, with her various looks. For anyone about to get married or just browsing through wedding outfits, Sakshi’s page can be the ultimate lookbook. For functions that never seem to end, the influencer made sure to be a trendsetter through it all while being styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania

When one is constantly body shamed in day to day life, you can only imagine how much worse this gets during a wedding especially when you're the bride or groom. The added pressure to look the ‘best’, for some reason this translates into looking fairer or losing weight. It’s the constant advice from anyone and everyone that makes one conscious, eventually deciding against wearing what they would have loved to. For every woman who struggles to embrace her curves, especially during her wedding, Sakshi is proof that when you're comfortable in your skin, you can pull off every single look with grace. Wearing custom fits by popular labels for every function is something that every plus-sized brides need to witness more of. While Sakshi's entire journey has been all about helping more and more women love themselves, her wedding will be one for the books!

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Here's what she wore for it all!

The bride chose to wear a custom Tarun Tahiliani couture for her haldi breaking away from the classic yellow and pink. The highlight was her hair which had white fabric braided into her hair. It looked like a flowing string of pearls. She paired this with chunky gold jewelry and this complimented her outfit.

Her rehearsal dinner gown looked straight out of the 80s Hollywood magazine with her bold red lips and winged eyes. She wore Gauri & Nainika's ivory mikado gown with a hint of a daring red bustier and a chic black grosgrain ribbon at the waist.

For an intimate path with her family, she wore an ocean blue lehenga, giving all the minimal pastel girlies a run for their money!

For her Sagan night, Sakshi definitely, had the ‘It outfit’ bringing the ‘baharon phool barsao’ meaning with her floral-themed party that followed. She wore a coffee-tone lehenga by Seema Gujral that featured bright floral appliqué motifs with the gleam of sequins and crystals.

She looked like a beautiful flamingo in her sangeet outfit in her Falguni Shane custom lehenga. 

And finally, for The Day, Sakshi chose to be the coral bride in a pink lehenga with a veil that looked like a dream.

Being a bride is a full-time job in itself. Planning on everything that leads to the day while also doing their real-world job is a task that is hardly appreciated. Seems like it was not any different for Sakshi either. While people were excited to get all the updates of all her nuptials, Sakshi managed to shine through as she crafted valuable content for fellow 'to-be brides’ while sharing her journey too. Titling it as #SMUbridalFits, she crafted a series of content to help make every aspiring bride’s life a bit simpler. 

She shared her own experience and 'Tales of a Happy Bride' with her followers

From encouraging brides to go for offbeat outfits other than the same 'ol traditionals ones for their functions

to getting the jewelry that will be your ideal fit

She also found the perfect shaadi song for all the content that you will create 

From tips on how to get that glowy skin and be the star of your own wedding

To tips on how brides can pose for all the million pictures that they will be taking on the days that lead up to their wedding, she's covered it all!

Managing to be on top of her game while planning her wedding must have been overwhelming. It’s not easy to be present everywhere, especially at a time when a person is already experiencing so many emotions. Although it was a personal choice to be able to churn out quality content, it sure makes you wonder how she managed to pull it off. Being part of the influencer industry that looks at everything as click bait and churnable content, Sakshi managed to deliver personalized content that people couldn’t stop gushing over.

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