10 times YouTuber Satya Swagat Mohanty reimagined famous anime shows in Indian settings

Piyush Singh
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YouTuber Satya Swagat Mohanty infuses a new life into our beloved anime classics, leaving us reminiscing about the days we spent in front of the TV.

Think about the most beautiful parts of our childhood, and you’ll hardly miss the shows you enjoyed back then. Somehow, they became integral parts of our childhood. For me personally, cartoons were not just a fun way to pass my time but they also served as a medium of cultural exchange. Most of the shows I watched were anime and in subtle ways, they introduced me to a completely different culture. I don't know when I became aware of Japanese cuisines, festivals, and even the way the characters were depicted in completely different cultural settings. I often found myself imagining what it would be like if these beloved characters were real, adding their mischief into my own life and how would they look like if they were Indian? What would the dialogue be? I don't remember when I stopped pondering on these questions.

Recently, I stumbled upon YouTuber Satya Swagat Mohanty's ingenious video series where he reimagines famous anime shows in different Indian settings. And this brought back all the questions I asked myself as a kid. With boundless creativity, Satya reimagines iconic anime shows like Doraemon, Shinchan, Kiteretsu, and Ninja Hattori in quintessentially Indian settings, infusing them with a delightful desi twist. Suddenly, my childhood favorites are celebrating Indian festivals, munching on my favorite Indian delicacies, and embracing the beauty of Indian traditional fashion. It's a joyous collision of cultures, a celebration of imagination and a reminder that sometimes the best adventures are the ones we create ourselves.

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Out of all his works, these definitely stay with us for a while!

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