Shibani Mitra's stories captures the free-spirited streets of India

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Shibani Mitra's stories

Who isn't fond of finding meaning and stories in the most mundane basic things? Shibani Mitra's stories from the streets of Pondicherry are everything that you might be looking for.

Everything is a visual treat if you have the flare and eye to look at the artistic nature of it. Instagram Reels changed the trajectory of looking at things around us in the last few years. It is no longer us just observing and moving on in life, it is all come down to us finding the beauty in the smallest of things and documenting it for thousands to watch and enjoy. We no longer just bask in the azure sky, we take pictures and share them with our friends appreciating being alive to see its beauty. There are a lot of stories we love enjoying on Reels and aesthetic storytelling Reels happen to be one of them. That is what Shibani Mitra's stories or her 'visual notes' are all about.

The artist has been on a mission to spend an entire year capturing anything and everything that comes to her notice. Instagram became her visual diary where she ended up stitching small clips of her visual adventure and creating stories out of everything she witnessed. Shibani has been looking for poetry in working hands capturing the stories they have to share, finding peace in decomposition as she finds battered flowers on the streets or even appreciating the melancholy in abandoned things on the streets. One thing that people are jointly agreeing on is her ability to find the absolute swag that Indian culture offers and ends up being ignored. People are loving her observation to find trendsetting fashion and imaginative Indian aesthetics in every corner. It's easy to get lost in her videos and we have listed a few that might give you a gist of the kind of content she has been sharing.

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These stories will definitely leave you smiling

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