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What motherhood comes with is rarely spoken of so much so that most of us have no idea how it's really going to be if we do choose to have a child one day. Hence, if you're a new mom, these tips by content creator Shirin Sewani will come in handy.

There is a lot that people expect from women in general and knowing how to be a mother is one of them. Which leaves us wondering, shouldn't there be a course or something that teaches you the basics of raising a child? Why aren't women given a crash course on things they can keep in mind before and after child birth? Women getting ready to be mothers are often so scared and clueless about what this new phase is going to look like for them and more conversations around raising a child and caring for themselves would definitely help them embrace what’s to come. 

Content creator and actor Shirin Sewani, who recently welcomed her baby boy, has wholeheartedly embraced the change that comes with being a mother. So far, she finds it affecting her in all the good ways, making her more confident and fearless. "Because if a woman can make a child, raise a child, she can definitely conquer the world. She can do anything. It feels like you suddenly get a superpower and start feeling different about it.”

When it comes to being aware about motherhood, even though Shirin agrees that a little assistance helps, she does not discard the idea that motherhood is about an individual's journey. "Motherhood is very personal but as we have seen in movies and all around us, it's very exaggerated and dramatic. Every mother has their own story, their style, and way of raising their child which makes them beautiful in her own way."

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Her own source of information was her group of friends who are mothers themselves, who decided to guide her through her journey. By sharing their own experiences, her friends were able to give her a heads up on what to expect. “I have a lot of friends who have delivered kids and they educated me more than required so there was nothing that surprised me apart from the happiness that I felt. I knew that it was a happy feeling, but jab tak aap experience nahi karte tab tak aapko pata nahi chalta. And trust me, that happiness will surprise you in ways you never expected.” 

As someone enjoying this new development in her life, she only had one piece of advice for future moms, “If you keep your perspective positive and believe that everything will be managed and you'll do well, then trust me, you will. That is how I managed it for myself and that is how things worked for me. Because I was just very confident and sure in my head that 'yes, I'll be able to do it'. And if the almighty is blessing me then obviously he will do everything to care of this blessing and we will sail through this smoothly.”

To all you new moms, Happy Mother's Day!

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