Siddhesh Lokare gives us a guide on “sidiously” having the boundary conversation with kids

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Good touch/bad touch

This recent reel shared by Siddhesh Lokare is an eye-opener on the conversation that we need to be having with every child at a young age.

The challenging reality of child sexual abuse in India is a pressing issue that needs to be acknowledged and worked upon. The statistics on the disturbingly high number of children who fall victim to these heinous crimes each day are alarming in a way one cannot begin to fathom. The number of headlines we come across often tells a tragic tale of innocent lives that are shattered and scarred forever. This makes us wonder how can we as pioneers of a change in a developing economy like India help address the same. In today’s social media-dominated space, content creators wield the power to use their platforms to raise awareness around this atrocity. Realizing the power that content creation has, creators like Siddhesh Lokare are carrying the beacon of actively stepping out to make a difference and teaching them young!

As adults who are responsible for this advancing country, we must be pioneers in teaching safety to the young future generation. Siddhesh's recent video stands as an example of the same. He makes an effort to teach 11-year-old Ishita, who grew up on the streets in the city, the meaning of good touch and bad touch. Through playful interaction, he uses layman's terms and the help of a female friend to demonstrate what touch should be considered good or inappropriate. Siddhesh's approach to subtly teaching the concept of respecting personal space and understanding appropriate touch is just the right method that we need to apply as part of our education. It's through these small efforts that will make a difference and build a future where every child is protected and cherished.

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Take a look at how Siddhesh approached this conversation on personal safety with this young girl:

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