#CreatorRewind: 25 songs by content creators that made us groove in 2023

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Some songs weren't just background noise; they became the soundtrack to our moments. Here's a roundup of the tunes that really got us grooving in 2023!

You might have heard people say that there is music, art and story in everything, you just need to be observant enough to experience it. Making music is not limited to an exclusive club anymore, thanks to the internet and all the learning resources floating around. The crazy thing is, we can't really predict what everyone's gonna vibe with. I mean, who would've thought Yashraj Mukhate's "Khali cooker gas pe chadha diya" would blow up like it did during the lockdown. It was totally unexpected, but that's the beauty of it, you know?

When you don't need the support of a big production house to put your art out there, you get creative freedom. A lot of creators are embracing this freedom, and you're seeing this explosion of different sounds and styles. It's like the democratization of music, breaking down old barriers and letting everyone have a shot at making something unique. This freedom has made room for creators to experiment with genres, blend cultural influences, and push the boundaries of musical conventions. Whether it's with the beats of a rising indie artist, the thought-provoking lyrics of a songwriter, or the genre-defying artistry of some creators, 2023 has been a year where music knows no limits. 

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Here's some creator music that made the year unforgettable for us! 

Ourange Juice Gang Anthem

Big Mouth's song Badi Baddy featuring Niharika NM and Sofia Thenmozhi Ashraf

Bezuban - Anirudh Sharma

MasterChef Anthem - Mayur Jumani

Ishqa - Rohit Zinjurke

Bekarar -  Raghav Meattle

Dil Da Haal by Raghav Kinra 

Tujhsa Koi - Tanzeel Khan

Baatein - Avanti Nagral 

From to - Addis Akkara featuring Rida Tharana

Mann - The Yellow Diary featuring Tarini Shah 

Jalwa - Carryminati 

Teri Aadat 2 - Abhi Dutt featuring Anushka Sen and Siddharth Nigam 

Watan Yaad Rahega - Jannat Zubair 

Tune Maane Ya Na - Ayaan Zubair 

Kahaaniyaan -  Salim Merchant and Yashraj Mukhate

Kayfa Haluka - Jannat Zubair 

Rangreza - Nakash Aziz featuring Aadil Khan and Ipshita Bhattacharjee 

Disappear - Avanti Nagral 

Madari - Munawar Faruqui 

Baby! You are projecting - Vivek Shraya 

Babu Shona Mona - Jannat Zubair 

Tere Jaisa - Aksh Baghla 

Haseen Raat ft. Bhuvan Bam

Subah - BeYouNick 

Let us know your personal favorite song from ther list!

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