Digital creators, Rachel D’cruz and Prithvi show you how to style old clothes this Diwali!

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Borrow, don't buy! Digital creators Rachel D'cruz and Prithvi share their tips on styling old clothes this Diwali. 

The first thought of celebrating Diwali is always about being surrounded by everything new. That includes buying new clothes that you can wear either to your cousins' house or to be at home without anywhere to go. While that is an exciting thought, it’s not hard to be mindful of your expenses during this festive season! In this age and time, when people are looking for ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle, being a part of festivals like Diwali that demand money to be spent on new outfits is difficult but not impossible. Fashion influencers, Rachel D’cruz and Prithvi are known for sharing ideas on how one can choose to reuse older clothes and turn them into a trending piece. They know how to work an article of clothing and do it well out of their love for fashion. Hence getting their thoughts on how people can upcycle their older clothes and take their Diwali outfits a notch higher was only fair.


Hope these tips help you style your Diwali outfits for the season!

Prithvi starts by finding a simple solution for anyone facing a “no dhoti problem”. One can always find ways to innovate without buying one. He suggests letting your creative juices flow. “Borrow a saree from someone you love and drape it like a dhoti. India has different ways of draping dhotis, pick one you love and you’re one YouTube tutorial away from looking like a WAOW. Pair it with a kurta, or to raise some eyebrows, with a waistcoat like me! Your Diwali crush is bound to notice. I draped my mum’s kasavu and banarasi sarees like a dhoti and opted for vintage thrifted waistcoats.”

Rachel D'cruz knows that embracing sustainable fashion during Diwali can be eco-friendly and stylish. And there are always tips to upcycle your wardrobe for the festive season. The top one is borrowing! “The easiest way to follow sustainable fashion is to borrow clothes from family and friends. Raid your mom's, sister's, or aunt's closet for vintage pieces, giving it a modern twist. Pair these with a matching crop top or use statement earrings to complement the attire.” She suggests the same with jewelry. Rather than purchasing new ones that may not be worn frequently, she recommends asking friends or relatives with an extensive collection to lend their pieces for the occasion. It's a sustainable way to accessorize and another reason to raid your favorite cousin’s jewelry stash!

Giving fusion a chance by using desi prints with videshi clothes is also something both propose. Considering Indian prints are timeless, Prithvi asks people to shop less for specific occasions and invest in clothing they can wear around the year, beyond Diwali. He talks about how prints like bandhan, ikkat, kalamkari, ajrak, and more can elevate any jeans-n-tee or party shirt so you look like a global desi fashionista. For Rachel, it’s all about reimagining an existing wardrobe and playing with the versatility of any article of clothing. Using dupattas as tops can be one. “Convert a colorful dupatta into a stylish lehenga top. Crisscross it over your neck, wrap the extended fabric around your upper waist, and secure it at the back with a pin.” This hack will give you a fresh look without buying new clothing. Prithvi adds that one can keep wearing their Indo-western fusion wear for special occasions, making it a first step towards a capsule wardrobe. "I wore a block-printed shirt with a vintage blazer and Korean-style baggy trousers.”

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Meanwhile, Rachel wants people to reimagine their existing wardrobe and turn their western fits into traditional ones. “If you find a second-hand lehenga missing a choli, get creative. Pair it with a furry crop jacket and a matching dupatta to infuse a traditional touch.” She didn’t miss out on the resourcefulness owning a white shirt brings. Something that almost everyone owns, a white shirt can be used as a replacement for a saree blouse. Rachel says, “If you lack a typical saree blouse, repurpose a white shirt or crop top that complements the saree's color. White shirts go well with most colors and can be paired with sarees or lehengas to create a stunning look.”

Lastly, Prithvi thinks everyone should embrace their heritage and give hand-me-downs a chance to be upcycled without feeling bad about it. “Fall in love with generational hand-me-downs. Parents and grandparents have gold in their wardrobes. Explore the magic of the good old days of luxury, vintage statement pieces, and ethereal fabrics.” It’s not just about having the chance to keep something of your family but also helps you throw away fewer clothes. “Whatever you cannot upcycle, donate. Diwali is after all the season to share your happiness. I inherited my grandpa’s chikankari shirt and wore it with my mum’s dupatta. I also altered my dad’s chikankari kurta to fit me better and borrowed it permanently. Go raid some closets!”

Are you looking forward to upscale this season? Let us know if these tips are helpful in the comments below.

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