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From recreating famous characters to visualizing emotions through makeup Talha is an emerging young talent taking over our feeds with his astonishing makeup looks.

Whether social media is a suitable space for the young generation to coexist, especially given the rise of cybercrimes, trolling, hate, and bullying has been a constant discussion over the past few years. However, amidst this toxicity, there is also a safe haven where creativity and art can flourish for both young and old alike. This separate realm is populated by individuals dedicated to creating and sharing art like this young talented artist Talha. We have grown up hearing that age is just a number; in this case, the statement truly stands. 

Talha is a remarkably talented young artist who creates various makeup looks and face paintings on his profile. His confidence and precision in perfection while creating various looks speak for themselves. The artwork he continually shares on his Instagram profile, defies his age, often leaving viewers in awe of his talent. His makeup and face art vary through diverse creative genres, each telling a different story and exploring various themes. Some may find his art visually jarring because of the bizarre, bold, and abstract looks, but they can't ignore how truly phenomenal they are from a creative perspective. And like a true artist, Talha duly adds a trigger warning sign for makeup that could be unsettling. While some find his looks disturbing, people also can't help be admirers of his incredible art. The imaginative spirit that Talha brings to each of his looks expresses his creative artistic vision. If the future is about the young generation using social media for creative expression in artful ways, we're here to witness it! 

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Take a look at Talha's exceptional creative talent:

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