#KetchupTalks: Her acting debut to keeping content interesting, Tarini Shah talks to us about it all!

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“I have always wanted to star in a music video so I like to think that I was destined for this,” says Tarini Shah, about being in the digital space, her debut in a music video, and more.

Considering the popularity and love that content creators enjoy for the amount of time they invest in making an appealing 90-second video online, it never comes as a surprise to see them achieve more in life. Tarini Shah, a well-known creator who has the internet glued to her aesthetic charms continues to grow each day. Not just with the engagement on her page but also with her acting debut in a music video that as she mentions was something she was ‘destined for’. Talk about making the experience of her audience magical and giving them the right tone of romance and Tarini has managed to master the art of it. With aesthetic frames to look at, she has been entertaining the audience and living her own dream of being a part of movies. 

For Tarini, the core of her content journey was always about showcasing her life and keeping content entertaining and after years of being on the platform, she believes that it still remains the same. The only thing that has changed is the way she puts it out for her audience. “There has been a change in the quality and aesthetics and I do believe that I keep adapting my content to what my audience wants to see but at the core, it's still me and it always will be.”

People often associate her content and describe it as the 'aesthetic core.' She herself is enjoying her current phase experimenting with the visuals and keeping everything aesthetically pleasing. While it is a must, she also wants people to connect with her content. When asked what important visual is for her content and how she would like people visiting her page for the first time to recognize it, she said, “I would like them to see that there is a little bit of it all but one thing that’s there is that I am a 21 year old who is growing and learning every day like the rest of you but also documenting it on the go and keeping everyone entertained.”

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This 21-year-old who has become a crucial part of the creator community has learned that content could be helpful to anyone who wants to join the digital space. And one part of it is understanding how each platform works. Every platform has its own specifics that one can use to their own advantage. “Every platform should be used to connect with your audience in different ways because doing it all on one platform won't be possible.

Here is how I use my platforms to connect with my audience. Instagram is all about daily updates of my life and little snippets of what’s happening. Whereas on YouTube, it's about storytelling and giving in-depth insights into certain special moments of my life. My podcast channel allows me to think out loud and talk about thoughts that we often don’t speak up about but are there in our heads.” This way the audience can follow the profiles according to what they want to know about their audience or what interests them. 

The creator had the chance to be part of Yellow Diary’s music video, making her debut in acting. Titled “Mann” the song is a sweet and romantic listen that has been on everyone’s playlist since its release. A very excited and happy Tarini talked about this vert out of the blue and super fast experience that she is still processing. As someone who has been a fan of the band, she still can’t fathom her journey from watching their concert in December 2022 to becoming the face of their music video in August 2023. 

“The best part about starring in this video was that it was so natural and fun to do. When I got to know the storyline which was written by our director Himanshu Tyagi, I fell in love with it. The character was completely different from my original happy-go-lucky personality but I was really excited to bring the story to life. My co-actor Moses was absolutely charming and amazing on set. I was a little nervous and learned a lot from everyone there and definitely would love to explore more such creative, fun, and challenging projects.”

Apart from being a part of the music video, she has her favorite verse that tugs her the most. The verse ‘Dur ho sum toh yeh Sara jaha, yaad Teri yeh jagata Raha’ reminds her of the few friends with whom she has to maintain a long-distance relationship and finds it fitting. “This line just reminded me of those times when everything would remind me of my friends and how I wish I was with them every day we were apart.”

As people continue to jam to the song, Tarini feels that she would love to be part of more creative projects. "I definitely want to work with more creative people and explore some projects when it comes to acting but at the same time I'm trying to move more toward storytelling on my own social media profiles which I am really excited for my audience to see."

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